Lakme Teknia Sun Care Shampooing 100 ml

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After sun repair and protect shampoo.The SUN CARE product line incorporates filters with a high affinity to hair fibers which provide lasting protection from UVA and UVB radiation. Its formula has been enriched with Vitamin E, which is a powerful anti-oxidant and anti-radical agent that protects hair lipids and proteins against damage. Mono� oil regenerates dry and damaged hair and gives shine, softness and manageability. The results are immediate and long-lasting.


  • After sun repair and protect shampoo.
  • Gently cleanses the hair.
  • Intense moisturizing treatment that prevents dryness in hair fibers.
  • Eliminates chlorine and seawater residues
  • Provides high moisturizing and treatment levels.
  • Hair maintains color and shine.
  • Ultra soft hair that is easy to manage.
  • Protects scalp. 


  • Apply to wet hair.
  • Lather.
  • Rinse.


  • Natural wheat amino acids 
  • Mono� de Tahiti
  • UV Filter
  • Cationic polymer 
  • Paraben free  
  • PEG-free 
  • Mineral oil free
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