Alter Ego Hasty Too Smoothing Balm 100 ml


Experience frizz-free perfection with Alter Ego Hasty Too Smoothing Balm. This 100ml balm provides a sleek, polished finish for effortlessly smooth hair

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Transform your hair into a sleek masterpiece with Alter Ego Hasty Too Smoothing Balm, a must-have styling product in a convenient 100ml size. If you're tired of dealing with frizz and longing for effortlessly smooth and polished hair, this smoothing balm is the solution you've been searching for.

Key Features:

  1. Frizz-Free Perfection: Hasty Too Smoothing Balm is formulated to combat frizz effectively, leaving your hair smooth, sleek, and perfectly polished. Say goodbye to unruly strands and hello to a flawless finish.

  2. Sleek Finish: Achieve a sleek, sophisticated finish that lasts throughout the day. This balm provides a polished look without weighing down your hair, ensuring a natural and touchable feel.

  3. Heat Protection: Shield your hair from the damage caused by heat styling tools. Hasty Too Smoothing Balm creates a protective barrier, minimizing the impact of high temperatures and promoting overall hair health.

  4. Versatile Styling: Whether you prefer straight and smooth locks or a sleek blowout, this smoothing balm adapts to your styling preferences. Enjoy the flexibility to create different looks with ease.

  5. Enhanced Shine: Experience enhanced shine for a radiant and healthy-looking mane. The balm adds a luminous finish to your hair, elevating its overall appearance.

Say hello to manageable, frizz-free hair with Alter Ego Hasty Too Smoothing Balm. The 100ml size makes it easy to incorporate into your daily styling routine, ensuring you achieve salon-quality results at home. Elevate your hairstyling game and experience the transformation of smooth, sleek, and effortlessly polished hair with this must-have smoothing balm.

How to Use:

  • Start with clean, towel-dried hair.
  • Dispense a small amount of Smoothing Balm onto your palms.
  • Rub your palms together to distribute the product evenly.
  • Apply the balm throughout your hair, focusing on the lengths and ends.
  • Comb through your hair to ensure even distribution.
  • Style as desired. For sleek results, use a flat iron or blow-dry.
  • Enjoy frizz-free, smooth, and polished hair all day long.

In Alter Ego Italy we bring together two important choices for the professional salon: effectiveness and kindness, performance and sustainability. A vision that meets the needs of the contemporary adult woman, who wants to be beautiful and sophisticated, but at the same time feels the urgency of a greener life.

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