Y.S. Park Ys-280 Clipper Comb

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Great for maintaining a cutting guide when blending and fading the hair with ease. 


  • The Y.S.-280 is a new edition to the great of Y.S. Park combs. 
  • It is made in two colors from a superior plastic.
  • The white in color resists up to 220C and 428F. 
  • The black in color, made by soft carbon, resists heat up to 110C and 230F. 
  • Designed specifically for clipper or shear over comb. 
  • This comb stands out for different reasons, from other combs in the Y.S. Park collection. 
  • Designed with the signature ventilation holes along the spine.
  • The spine is flexible, yet strong and sturdy to elevate sections of hair without compromise.
  • The handle is designed and shaped for the hand and fingers for comfort and ease.
  • The head of the spine is designed to the head shape to keep and precise and consistent 90 degree angle.
  • Great for beginners barbers and stylists.
  • The constant presence of chemicals on the comb can be the cause of damage.
  • Recommend washing the comb with water after use.

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