GAMA IQ2 Perfetto Black Hair Dryer


Introducing the GAMA IQ2 Perfetto Black Hair Dryer – Your Ultimate Styling Companion! This innovative hair dryer is designed to redefine your hair care experience. With sleek black styling and advanced technology, it offers salon-quality results at your fingertips. Experience the power, precision, and efficiency that make your hair look flawless every time you use it. Say goodbye to frizz and hello to professional-level styling with the GAMA IQ2 Perfetto Black Hair Dryer.


The new Gama IQ Professional Hair Dryer, which is as light as a smartphone, reinforces GAMA as a continuous disruptor within the hair tool community.

The new dryer is the result of GAMA’s permanent process of innovation, which has been in place since 1969. Based on the existing iQ Perfetto, the iQ2 is a stylish, ergonomic and compact hair dryer designed to ease muscle strain, ensure durability and hair and scalp health, as well as impart perfect styling ability.

The new iQ2 is set to be the new must have in the professional market. The evolution of the hairdryer revolution, it boasts the perfect balance between weight and performance from the original iQ line, introducing various innovations.

Key Faetures :

• SMART ON/OFF - Automatic function that allows the user to turn the IQ2 on and o simply by placing it on its pad or holder.

• NEW FILTER - The new Gama Professional IQ Hair Dryer adds a fabric filter that retains the smallest particles. The micro-perforated metal filter stays

as the first barrier. Both are removable and easier to clean than the old IQ filter.

• ANTIBACTERIAL - Ozone/Ion is incorporated to the airflow.

• TURBO FUNCTION - Boosts the IQ2 power for a few seconds.

• Improved lock function

• Enhanced LED difussion

• Double walled nozzle equipped with external shield to prevent overheating.

• New Star Nozzle attachment that can diffuse the air creating a gentle, cooler airflow to be kinder to fine hair and sensitive scalps.

• Dries hair 30% faster than any other professional hairdryer

• Oxy Active Technology

• Temperature and speed memory Function - 3 speeds / 4 temperatures / cool shot

• Auto-clean capability

• Venturi effect

• Auto diagnosis system

• Motor Speed 120.000 rpm

• Power 2000 W

• Pressure 465 mmH20

• Extra Long-Life Motor

• 3m long cord

• Noise 78 db


Gama professional is GA.MA Italy’s new premium professional hair technology product line. Sophistication, intelligent design, innovation, and revolutionary technologies are blended into products of pure Italian quality.


• The Gama IQ Professional Hair Dryer comes with a micro-filter that prevents the passage of even the smallest dirt particles (hair, hairspray, dust, etc.) into the motor, extending the useful lifecycle of the motor.

• Keep your appliance well maintained in order to ensure the best performance and to extend the product life cycle.

• Auto Clean : For optimal maintainanace, it is highly recommended to activate the AUTO-CLEAN system after each working day.

• Additionally, to ensure its maximum level of performance, it is advisable to clean the micro-filter manually with a brush every seven days.

• Before cleaning a unit, unplug it from the power outlet and wait until it cools off.

• Periodically remove dust and hair from the unit.

• To remove the rear filter, hold the hair dryer by the handle and turn the rear cover (filter holder) counterclockwise.

• Remove the internal filter.

• Clean it with a cloth or damp sponge.

• Make sure that it is completely dry before repositioning it in its seat.

• Clean the body of the hair dryer with a damp cloth or sponge.

• Make sure that the appliance is completely dry before using it.


Gama Italy Professional since its inception in 1969, has become synonymous with research and innovation with the launch of the world’s first professional hair straightener. Today the brand is present in over 50 countries around the world, with its headquarters in San Pietro in Casale (BO).From hair straighteners to hair dryers; from curling irons to shavers; from clippers and trimmers, to hair nourishing products - Gama Italy offers cutting-edge technology solutions for both professional and consumer targets.

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