The all new Gama IQ LIte Max - RAISING conventional hairdryers to iQ philosophy! Discover the GAMA IQ LITE MAX in black, an ultra-light, powerful hairdryer. Perfect for fast drying, it's ideal for salon professionals and home use alike.


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Introducing the GAMA IQ LITE MAX - BLACK, the ultimate hair styling tool that combines cutting-edge technology with sleek design. Perfect for both salon professionals and home users, this hairdryer is engineered to deliver exceptional performance and convenience. Whether you’re looking to create smooth, sleek styles or add volume and texture, the GAMA IQ LITE MAX is your go-to solution.

Unmatched Power and Performance

The GAMA IQ LITE MAX is equipped with a powerful motor that ensures fast drying times, reducing the amount of heat exposure and helping to protect your hair from damage. This high-performance hairdryer generates a strong airflow, allowing for quicker drying and more efficient styling. It’s perfect for those busy mornings when you need to get ready in a hurry, or for professional stylists who need to maintain a fast-paced workflow in the salon.

Lightweight and Ergonomic Design

One of the standout features of the GAMA IQ LITE MAX is its ultra-lightweight design. Weighing significantly less than traditional hairdryers, it’s incredibly easy to handle, reducing strain on your arms and wrists during prolonged use. The ergonomic design ensures a comfortable grip, making it effortless to maneuver as you style your hair. This is particularly beneficial for salon professionals who spend long hours on their feet and need a reliable tool that won’t cause fatigue.

Advanced Technology for Superior Results

The GAMA IQ LITE MAX incorporates advanced ionic technology that helps to reduce frizz and static, leaving your hair looking shiny and healthy. The hairdryer’s multiple heat and speed settings allow you to customize your drying experience, providing the flexibility to achieve a variety of styles. The cool shot button is perfect for setting your style in place, giving you long-lasting results that look salon-fresh.

Sleek and Stylish Appearance

In addition to its high performance, the GAMA IQ LITE MAX boasts a sleek, modern design that looks great in any setting. The black finish adds a touch of sophistication, making this hairdryer a stylish addition to your hair care routine. It’s not just a tool; it’s a statement of quality and style.

Perfect for All Hair Types

Whether you have fine, thick, curly, or straight hair, the GAMA IQ LITE MAX is versatile enough to cater to all hair types. Its powerful motor and advanced technology ensure that you can achieve your desired look with ease, regardless of your hair type.

In conclusion, the GAMA IQ LITE MAX - BLACK is the ideal hairdryer for anyone seeking high performance, comfort, and style. With its powerful motor, lightweight design, and advanced features, it’s the perfect tool to help you achieve professional-quality results every time you style your hair. Upgrade your hair care routine with the GAMA IQ LITE MAX and experience the difference for yourself.

Quick Specs:

• Venturi Turbo
• ExternalMicroperforatedFilter
• ProfessionalMeshFilter
• Oxy-ActiveTechnology
• 3 temperaturas
• 2 speed
• CoolShot
• HangingHook
• Professional Cord 3m
• Air Flow:75 (m³/h)
• Pressure:5450 (Pa)
• AIR FLOW:75 (m³/h)
• POTENCIA: 1500W – 1700W
• 85.000 RPM

Gama Italy Professional since its inception in 1969, has become synonymous with research and innovation with the launch of the world’s first professional hair straightener. Today the brand is present in over 50 countries around the world, with its headquarters in San Pietro in Casale (BO).From hair straighteners to hair dryers; from curling irons to shavers; from clippers and trimmers, to hair nourishing products - Gama Italy offers cutting-edge technology solutions for both professional and consumer targets.

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