Prep Leave-In Spray Style Id 236 Ml

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Acts as the ideal primer, preparing hair to receive other styling products. Honey-derived humectants moisturize hair, and vitamin E & C antioxidants protect it from future damage. Special fixative ingredients help enhance the performance of any styling product. Micronized silicone derivatives reduce drying time. 






Use on its own to enhance your hair, or use it with other products to enhance their effects



Our mission is to bring to the professional Hair Beauty market, the latest innovations in products. Launched in 2010, Hair Treats began with its unique professional line of double loop technology hair extensions, which is a non-aggressive system that gives you fantastic results instantly. You can now create any vision in mind, and make it a reality with just the click of a button and then a pinch of a plier.


Hair Treats Extensions uses only 100% human remy hair collected by Indian temples, and delivered in a manner where the hairís cuticles remain in the same direction. With 10 application systems to choose from, different textures, and up to 40 colors, the possibilities are endless.

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