HAIR TREATS Moist Maintain Conditioner For Extensions

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Specially formulated for hair extensions and wigs, HT Moist Maintain is water- based and will not adversely affect or alter any chemical treatments. Its unique formulation gives it an initially alkaline pH, thus allowing opening of the cuticles and penetrating deep into the cortex. While the hair is drying, the formula neutralizes itself back to its natural pH level. The now more acidic composition closes the cuticle, locking-in emollients. The unique formula is originally designed to tackle the most dry, damaged hair and split ends. It is traditionally used for hair that's been permed, tinted, or subjected to salt and chlorine. Ultimately, it tackles the biggest concerns with hair extensions: tanglement and dryness.



  • This ultimately tackles the biggest concerns with hair extension such as; tangles, dryness and lack of shine.
  • The added benefits of humectants and lubricants help hair extensions retain their moisture, resulting in soft healthy hair to the touch, and incredible shine to the eye.
  • Moisturizing shampoo cleanses the hair without harsh detergents.
  • Exclusive blend of conditioners (Aloe Vera Gel and Royal Jelly) for strength, elasticity and color retention, helps to restore the natural pH of hair.
  • Perfect for maintaining hair extensions.





To be used at home as a daily conditioner as a perfect moisture maintenance and great detangler.



Our mission is to bring to the professional Hair Beauty market, the latest innovations in products. Launched in 2010, Hair Treats began with its unique professional line of double loop technology hair extensions, which is a non-aggressive system that gives you fantastic results instantly. You can now create any vision in mind, and make it a reality with just the click of a button and then a pinch of a plier.


Hair Treats Extensions uses only 100% human remy hair collected by Indian temples, and delivered in a manner where the hair�s cuticles remain in the same direction. With 10 application systems to choose from, different textures, and up to 40 colors, the possibilities are endless.

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