Microsphere Sleek N' Straight 18" Extensions

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For the first time HairTreats has taken a step ahead of the hair extensions industry by creating an evolved, non aggressive technique that gives you instant results. Without the glue, the heat, the mess, the braiding, the sewing, or the solvents and chemicals, stylists are finally able to turn their visions into reality... without the damage!!!! The MICRO Sphere is a patent double loop system that can give clients their desired look with just the pinch of a plier.


  • A mess-free and easily re-usable product
  • Hair treats uses nothing less than 100% Indian temple collected hair.
  • Comes in a pack of 10


Hair Treats listened to feedback from stylists all over the world about the different techniques of application. Wanting a system that was easy to use, fast to apply, clean to work with, and most importantly that would not damage the natural hair, hair treats came up with its innovative micro sphere system. A system that is easy for any stylist to master, and impossible not to love.


  • 100% human hair



Our mission is to bring to the professional Hair Beauty market, the latest innovations in products. Launched in 2010, Hair Treats began with its unique professional line of double loop technology hair extensions, which is a non-aggressive system that gives you fantastic results instantly. You can now create any vision in mind, and make it a reality with just the click of a button and then a pinch of a plier.


Hair Treats Extensions uses only 100% human remy hair collected by Indian temples, and delivered in a manner where the hairís cuticles remain in the same direction. With 10 application systems to choose from, different textures, and up to 40 colors, the possibilities are endless.

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