Verdict Ceramic Curling Iron Clip 32 1-1/4"


Elevate your curls with the Verdict V-C32 Professional Clip Curling Iron. This 32mm ceramic wonder is designed for flawless, long-lasting curls. Say goodbye to limp hair and hello to voluminous, beautifully styled locks.

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Introducing the Verdict V-C32 Professional Clip Curling Iron with a 32mm ceramic barrel – your gateway to achieving stunning, long-lasting curls with professional precision. This advanced curling iron is thoughtfully designed to deliver a hairstyling experience that is unmatched in terms of performance, convenience, and versatility. Let's delve into the world of the Verdict Clip Curling Iron and explore the exceptional features that make it an essential tool for those seeking perfect, voluminous curls.

Ceramic Excellence:

The Verdict V-C32 Professional Clip Curling Iron features a high-quality ceramic barrel, renowned for its even heat distribution and gentle styling. This ensures that your hair is protected from excessive heat and that your curls are smooth and consistent.

32mm Barrel for Voluminous Curls:

The 32mm barrel size is the perfect choice for achieving voluminous, bouncy curls that last all day. Whether you desire loose waves or defined curls, this curling iron offers the versatility to create the look you want.

Rapid Heating:

This curling iron heats up quickly, saving you precious time during your hairstyling routine. You can start curling in no time and get ready for the day ahead.

Clip for Easy Styling:

The built-in clip secures your hair in place during the curling process, making it easy to create consistent curls with minimal effort. No more struggling with hair sections falling out of place.

Adjustable Temperature Settings:

Customize your hairstyling experience with adjustable heat settings. Whether you need gentle warmth for a smooth finish or higher heat for a more defined curl, this curling iron offers the flexibility to cater to your specific hair care needs.

Ergonomic Design:

The Verdict Clip Curling Iron is designed for ease of use, with an ergonomic handle that ensures comfortable and hassle-free hairstyling. Its lightweight construction means you can style your hair without straining your arm or wrist.

Salon-Quality Results:

The advanced technology and precise temperature control of the Verdict V-C32 Professional Clip Curling Iron deliver salon-worthy curls that last throughout the day.

Whether you're a hairstyling enthusiast or someone who simply desires the best for their hair, the Verdict V-C32 Professional Clip Curling Iron is your ultimate solution. Experience the convenience, precision, and professional quality of salon-worthy curls at home. Say goodbye to lifeless hair and hello to voluminous, beautifully styled locks with the Verdict Clip Curling Iron.

Key Features:
  • Professional digital tourmaline ceramic 1 1/4"" curling iron
  • Ceramic barrel seals the cuticle to provide incredible shine
  • Adjustable temperature control for any hair type (140 degree F-450 degree F)
  • Digital LCD temperature display 
  • Spring-loaded clamp secures the hair, and allows you to style quickly
  • Safety Cool-Tip provides more control during styling
  • Non-slip rubberized finishing
  • 360 degree tangle-free cord.
  • 120W(USA) / 60W (Canada) and 110-240V
  • Automatic safety cut-off
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