One of the musts new parents usually look for in care products for their kids are the words, "safe", "gentle" and "natural". But the truth is that not a lot of hair products uphold to their green claims.

The deception becomes exceptionally disheartening considering children and babies are vulnerable and even more prone to sensitive skin and allergies.

It is for this particular reason that we've decided to talk to our readers about Little Green.

Little Green products in a basket with flowers

What is Little Green?

Little Green is an emerging brand that caters to small children and babies, specializing in organic care products. It started off with Carmen DePasquale, a grandfather of 12, who was initially unsatisfied with what he saw in the market. He noticed that top sellers were falling through with their empty promises of "natural" products;  his grandkids were paying the price, experiencing all sorts of skin conditions.

Fast forward to today and you'll see that Little Green meets the standards:

  • Allergen, Paraben, Sulfate and Gluten Free.
  • Clinically and dermatologically tested.
  • Hypoallergenic approved.

I mean, with all of these points checked off the list, you can't help but give a two thumbs up for the family-oriented entrepreneur. Way to go Mr. Pasquale!

What Kinds of Care Products Do they Offer?

Little Green products with purple flowers

Little Green has a selection of  body lotions, soothing balms, gentle exfoliants for babies, curl creams, baby shampoo & body wash (2-in-1), conditioning hair detangler and a cute essentials set for both babies and small children.

Gift Set For Babies

The essentials set in particular makes for a great gift for baby showers or for young kids' birthdays. It is a practical, on-the-go gift that comes with Shampoo and Body Wash, nourishing body lotion and a soothing balm.

Little Green Baby Essentials Set of products

Now the Shampoo and Body Wash combo is an excellent pick if you're concerned with harsh chemicals that typically go in most shampoos. Generally a 2-in-1 is less harsh to the scalp since it has a higher ratio of conditioner. Little Green's 2-in-1 is not only highly conditioning, but it also is easy on the skin. So no need to break your head trying to figure out what's prompting your child's allergies. With a mild formula and extracts of Vitamin E and B5, you can rest assured that your child is receiving the best care product that they can get.

Out of all 3 products, the soothing balm is the most versatile as it can be used on dry lips, cheeks and other dry body parts. It is highly moisturizing, containing beeswax, Jojoba and avocado oil, but not the the point that it feels heavy. This will leave your young one protected, with the added touch of a nice, Primrose scent!

Similarly to the soothing balm, the nourishing lotion is also gentle and lightweight. It is very absorbent and makes for a great addition to a baby's night time routine.

Cradle Cap Exfoliant

This one may be a bit of a mystery unless you've experienced it as a parent. But don't worry, we've got you covered !

Little Green Cradle Cap Care product

But before we delve into the formula of the product, let's start with first things first, shall we?

So what exactly is cradle cap? Well, the term is often used to refer to a yellowish scaling on a baby's head. Essentially, it is the accumulation of skin cells, sebum, and you've guessed it...scales!

If your baby happens to have this, don't be concerned. It is very common amongst babies under 1 years of age  and does not constitute as a disease nor is it a sign of carelessness. how do I use it?

It's pretty straightforward and acts much like any other exfoliant, really. You’ll want to gently massage a pea-sized quantity of the product onto the baby’s scalp, before shampooing. You can do so by either using your fingertips or a dry washcloth. You can then remove the product with warm water and a soft-bristle brush and finish off with a towel-dry.

And you're all set!

What About The Active Ingredients?

Little Green’s exfoliant has salicylic acid which will take care of the flakes. At the same time that the acid is acting on the flakes, there is also shea butter which acts as a moisturizing ingredient, to ease any dryness and discomfort.

Curling Cream 

Little Green Kids Curly Hair Cream

Ever wondered how to tame frizzy hair on your kids or keep their shapely curls intact without them looking sticky or crunchy?

Meet Little Green's Calming Curl Cream!

It is so easy to use, you won't look back again. All you have to do is to apply a small amount over the desired area and leave it to air dry!

No need to brush out the baby hairs, towel-dry the excess or worry about residue.

Conditioning Hair Detangler

Little Green Kids Conditioning Hair Detangler

Using a brush too briskly can actually lead to breakage and take away some of the young child's natural curl shape. Instead, spray a couple of mists onto the child's hair for an additional shine and healthier condition.


Hope you found this mini guide through Little Green helpful!

Much luck to all the new parents and don't sweat it too much; you got this!