Here is a list of all the do's and don'ts you always wanted to know and that you should always take into consideration !

The Big Don't:

Conditionner, but at one condition:

Most of us don't use conditioner the way we should be using it ! We should never be conditioning our roots, even though a majority of us do... By doing so, we make our hair greasier way faster than it should be ! Also, it tends to weight our hair down by adding an extra layer on our strands.

What we don't do but should be doing:

Also one very important point about conditioner is how we use it. Most of us, once again, apply it the wrong way. We usually apply it after rinsing the shampoo from our hair and quickly wringing our hair out. The thing is that we are suppose to towel dry our hair and THEN apply the conditioner and let it rest for a few minutes before rinsing it out. Otherwise, the majority of the conditioner just slide down your hair and does not moisturize it (which is its only goal..).

You are what you eat!

Yet, this statement has never been more accurate! So as our hair are made of keratin and as keratin is a protein.... Well, yeah we must nourish our hair by having a rich protein and calorie intake. It will make your hair grow longer, healthier, and stronger. It will also prevent your hair from falling.

Eggs are always a good go to for good proteins intake as well as being perfect for a hair mask!

Big No-No:

Yes , I know, who does not like a warm shower after a long day at work...well,  your hair doesn't (as well as your wallet... ) !

What a shame right ! well, it dries out your hair, strips it from its natural oils and remove all form of natural moisturizers.

What to do instead:

If you really cannot live without warm water, you should take shorter showers, as you will have less warm water on your hair, and you really should finish up with a spurt of cold water to close the scales up.

Sun's out, dries your hair out:

We all know the damages and dangers caused by the sun to our skin but we often forget that our hair are as subject to UV-caused damages as our skin.

Be careful to put protection on your hair before going on the sun and to ALWAYS moisturize your hair using a mask.

Shine bright like a diamond:

The secret is .. Argan Oil. This miraculous oil is full of fatty acid and vitamin E. This oil nourishes your hair from the inside out, it helps restore the moisture and of course reduce the effects of the damages on your hair.

This treatment is perfect for heat-damaged hair.

you could use shampoo and conditioner with Argan Oil for a day to day hair care. You should also be using once every week or two weeks to repair your hair.