There are only a few days left until Halloween! Do you have your costume yet?

If you're still trying to figure out the perfect costume, don't stress out.

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Today we'll be helping you out by showing you cute hairstyles that will go with any costume you choose.  Whether you're dressing up as a leopard, witch, TV character or princess, these hairstyles can be adapted to any look! We'll be showing you 3 base looks as well as how to tailor them for your costume.

Hair can often be overlooked when thinking about a Halloween costume. However it can really make your entire look stand out. If your costume doesn't have an iconic hairstyle such as Wednesday Adam's braids, Wonder Woman's waves or Dorothy's pigtails, you have the opportunity to use your creativity!


The first no-fail hairstyle is the ponytail. This simply hairstyle can honestly go with any costume and can take only seconds to create. However if you really want to elevate this look, there are dozens of ways that you make the ponytail more interesting.

Some styles to try are the puffed ponytail for a dramatic look, the bubble ponytail, or adding some braids. You can even add accessories to the ponytail such as a scarf, headband or clips. But one thing that any good ponytail has in common is VOLUME! Unless you're going for the sleek gelled back ponytail, having a voluminous ponytail makes it look that much better.

The CHI Farouk Royal Treatment Ultimate Control Volume Shaping Spray is a great product that not only adds tons of volume, but it also adds shine and will hold your hair all night long. Whether you're running around from door to door getting candy, or dancing all night at a party, this hairspray will keep the ponytail looking great all night.

CHI Farouk Royal Treatment Ultimate Control Volume Shaping Spray

2. Curled

Another fool-proof style to match any costume is curled hair. This style works for more elegant and girly looks such as celebrity inspired looks or even a more wild costume such as a leopard. There are so many different types of curls, that you're bound to find one to match your needs.

For a more romantic look, try soft waves or brushed out curls. However if you want a more intense look, go for tighter spiral curls and add lot's of texture spray. A nice texture spray is  the Paul mitchell Wild Ginger Sea Spray. Although it is on the pricier side, this spray gives the perfect tousled and textured look. It also has an added bonus of enhancing the curl.

Paul mitchell Wild Ginger Sea Spray, 5.1 oz

The Verdict 3 piece set is also the perfect tool to recreate any curled hair look. With 3 detachable  barrel sizes, you can create small tight curls, medium sized curls and large waves. This tool will definitely come in handy for future events as well.

Verdict V-3X1 Professional Curling Iron - Triple Barrel Ceramic

3. Straight

The last quick and easy hairstyle that will match any costume is straight hair. Now you might be thinking, straight hair,  isn't that boring? And the answer is, it doesn't have to be! A sleek straight  style can look very polished and high end. However if you want to add some details, you totally can! Add some braids, tie half of the hair up, put pins, clips or anything you want. Straight hair is like a blank canvas.

To make sure that your straight hair is looking its healthiest, use a cream or oil to give it that soft touch add shineChi's Argan Oil Aceite De Moringa will give your hair that glossy, healthy looking hair. Just rub a couple drops into the ends of your hair and comb it through to spread the oil around.

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So if you don't yet have your costume, don't stress! Just use one of these cute hairstyles and it will go with any outfit you choose to wear on Halloween. Now that your hair is taken care of, you can worry about finding that perfect costume!