The  weather isn't the only thing that gets dull this season...

The onset of winter is often met with understandable misery, as days become shorter and winds become stronger. Canadian winters are known to be long and harsh, to the point of being inhumane.

This year we got to see snow mid-January which is a lot later than usual and the worst part is that it  has only just begun. In the next coming months, we can expect the harsh conditions to become even more extreme;  with this in mind, we should be extra careful when handling our hair this season.

In preparations for facing what is ahead of us, we came up with a list of  tried-and-tested products that we now consider to be holy grails for treating dull, undernourished and brittle hair. Keep reading to find out what made it into our winter essentials: hair edition list!

1st item: Kera Straight Ultimate Oil 

First thing on our list is a good hair oil, not surprisingly.

If you haven't tried it already, we highly recommend the Kera Straight Ultimate Oil.

Having 9 different essential oils-- including coconut, macadamia, argan, jojoba, among others-- it covers every imaginable aspect of replenishing, moisturising, treating and adding luster to your hair.

To apply, all you need is one pump of the product, which you can use either before blow drying or after washing your hair.

2nd & 3rd items: Lakme Gentle Balance Shampoo & Lakme Color Stay Conditioner

As for the real culprit in drying out our hair, it is undeniable that over-washing takes the title! What makes it worse is that we often overlook the ingredients list on shampoos, disregarding completely sulfates and other harsh chemicals present.

The Gentle Balance shampoo from Lakme is a great product to use as it is sulfate-free and possesses acai oil which both act together to prevent dehydration.

In terms of moisturising, Lakme's Color Stay Conditioner is a good pick because it contains sunflower seed extract filled with vitamins that stimulate healthy hair growth.

The conditioner also has an acidic pH which closes the cuticles and helps protect from outside elements, ensuring that your hair doesn't lose out moisture as you go outdoors.




4th item: Lakme K. Style I-Tool Protective Heat-Styling Spray 

Ideally, you'd keep the use of hot tools to a minimum. However, if you use your straightener on a fairly constant basis, we strongly suggest spraying your hair with a heat protectant beforehand.

We really liked this particular hairspray for two reasons:

1.) it works well on straight and curly hair

2.) it offers protection up to 220 C (450 F)

We cannot stress enough not going over 200 C when using hot tools, since disrespecting the limit causes high damage, potentially leading to breakage .


5th item: Lakme K.Therapy Repair Nourishing Mask

Our hair becomes especially vulnerable to the harsh external elements.

Hair masks go a long way in putting back moisture. Thus they are a must for cold-weather season.

Lakme's K Therapy Repair Nourishing Mask has definitely made its way onto our list!

The Repair range is specifically made to target extremely dry hair, making it an excellent choice for this winter's essentials list.

To fully maximise its hydrating effect, you want to massage the mask into your hair and wait a good 5 minutes before  rinsing it. 


6th item: Y.S. Park Tortoise Wood Air Vent Cushion Brush

Most important of all, you want to use a good brush that minimises hair damage.

Without realizing, we often brush our hair with force which can put more tension on the follicles and eventually lead to breakage. Handling our hair with care becomes even more important for damp hair, which tends to be fragile.

Y.S. Park is a top tier brand, having a wide selection of brushes and combs that are made by a stylist who understands the needs of maintaining healthy hair. Investing in one of his tools is investing in your hair's long-term health. This is why the Y.S. Park Tortoise Wood Brush ranks into this list.



And there you have it! You can now confidently step out of the house knowing your hair is getting the care it deserves. The end results will be worth it, we promise ;)