Just like skincare has done a 180 and brought us back to embracing natural organic oils for a healthier face glow, the same thing has been happening to hair. There are many known benefits to adding a good quality oil to your hair care routine. Here are a few of them.

But first, let’s dispel the myth that oil makes your hair look and feel literally oily. No. If you follow some simple guidelines it won’t, since slick strands are usually caused by the scalp’s overproduction of sebum. As a matter of fact, tea tree essential oil can even help minimize those bad greasy hair days.

Using hair oil on a regular basis, in the salon and for your at-home routine, is a great way to keep it shiny and healthy. First, it protects the hair shaft, which is extremely useful when you blow-dry your hair on a regular basis. Textured and curly hair will also benefit from regular oil use, since curly hair strands have a tendency to be drier and more brittle than straight hair. In fact, hair oil helps prevent heat damage and frizz, and will enhance shine, softness and strength. And better moisturized hair also means it’s more elastic and leads to lesser breakage.

Because it’s a lubricant, hair oil is also amazing to help detangle wet hair. It will also seal the cuticle, preventing damage when you blow dry it.

Tips for Applying Hair Oil

Hair oil’s benefits are maximized when you it apply it on clean, wet hair. The most important thing is to make sure it’s evenly distributed.

So, that means dividing up your hair in sections if it’s long with a top section and a bottom section. For medium-length hair that is not too thin and not too thick, apply one drop in the palm of your hands, rub well, and comb through hair with your fingers.

Then move on to the top section. If you have a lot of hair or it’s very curly, you might want to add a little bit more oil. Go for it. For super coarse hair, you can go up to four or five drops per section. Just make sure you stay at least three inches from the scalp, where natural oils are produced, since you don’t want your hair to look greasy. But always work the oil into the strands, right down to the tips which tend to be the driest part of your hair.

And, voilà, gorgeous glossy and shiny hair!

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