That hairstyle is SO Fetch!

It's October 3rd, can you guess what that means?

National Mean Girls day!!!

Even after 14 years,this movie still remains one of the most iconic movies from the early 2000's. From slogans like "On Wednesdays we wear pink," or "You can't sit with us," Mean Girls has been a part of every girls teenaged years.

Although their meanness is nothing to admire, their hair is definitely worthy of attention! I mean, I applaud them for being able to make it to school every morning with perfect hair. But have no fear, today we'll be helping you find the perfect Mean Girls hairstyle to try out at home!

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So let's start off with a little quiz to see what Mean Girl character you are!

1.How would you describe yourself?
  • A.  A natural born Leader
  • B. A Follower
  • C. An Outsider
  • D. A Follower aspiring to be a Leader
2.If you were part of a News Channel station, what would be your role?
  • A. The Anchor, preferably a solo role to be front and center
  • B. An Investigative journalist finding out all the juiciest gossip
  • C. The arts and communication correspondent
  • D. Somewhere behind the scenes, I'm more of a math or tech kind of gal
3.What category do you think your classmates would vote you as in your high school yearbook?
  • A. Best looking
  • B. Best hair
  • C. Most likely to be an artist
  • D. Most improved since the beginning of the year
4.What would you like to improve on about yourself?
  • A. My body
  • B. My confidence
  • C. My social skills
  • D. My loyalty towards friendships
5.Which of the deadly sins do you commit most?
  • A. Pride
  • B. Envy
  • C. Wrath
  • D. Lust

The Results are in...drum roll please!

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If you chose mostly A's...

A. Regina George

You are the ultimate queen B! You are leader, extremely confident and you know what you want! You aren't scared of the spotlight and like to keep your appearance looking its best. Although at times, you can be a bit full of yourself. You should definitely recreate Regina's signature straight locks!

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In order to achieve this look, try using the Babyliss Ceramic Flat Iron, in Pure Pink. Not only would Regina approve of this color, but it will leave your hair looking smooth and silky with unparalleled shine! To recreate the perfect look, make sure slightly angle and curve the flat iron towards your face when straightening your ends.

If you chose mostly B's...

B. Gretchen Weiners

Apparently you are a toaster strudel heiress! But for real, you are a great and loyal friend. That being said, people might take advantage of your kindness and eagerness to please. You are more of a follower, but don't let people push you around! Try Gretchen's big and bouncy curls!

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"That's why her hair is so big. It's full of secrets."

In order to recreate Gretchen's voluminous curls, try the Hair Forensic Ceramic Digital Curling Iron. It come with 3 barrel sizes that you can interchange to create very natural looking curls. To get that mega volume, use the Alter Ego Hasty Too Volume Spray on your roots! The rice proteins help to lift hair, while the vitamins will add shine and improve hair manageability.

If you chose mostly C's...

C. Janis

You might not be a social butterfly, but what you lack in social etiquette you make up for in artistic talent! Sometimes you might get a little heated and want revenge, but overall you are a loyal friend! Create a sleek low ponytail braid to embrace your artistic side.

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Although Janis' everyday "all over the place" kind of hairstyle isn't the most wearable, her Prom look is definitely achievable! For this style, you'll need to slick all of your hair back using a gel. Try Alter Ego Hasty Too Styling Cream Gel which will last all day and provides optimal shine! After your hair is slicked backed, you'll need to braid the ends and tie it off with a small elastic.

If you chose mostly D's

D. Cady Heron

You are the Cady of your group! Longing to belong, you tend to follow the Queen B, but also aspire to be your own leader. You are still trying to figure yourself out, but have evolved quite a bit from who you used to be. You are also secretly a math genius! Own your intellect girl!

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Try Cady's simple ponytail and add a cute wrap around detail to really elevate the look. To get her very soft and effortless look, use Lakme's Lak-2 Hair conditioner. This formula will leave your hair straighter, shinier, softer and easier to comb through. To finish off, take a section of hair from underneath your ponytail and wrap it around the ponytail base. Then use a bobby pin to secure the hair!

Unfortunately Karen didn't make it into this quiz, but for those who missed her, here she is!

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So let us know, which Mean Girl are you?