It's hard to believe but May is already here, which means...

.... it's holiday time, baby!

Madonna signing in a video clip - Holiday

As you are likely planning your holiday to a dreamy, tropical paradise somewhere in Punta Cana, Playa del Carmen or possibly Havana, a post on what to bring during your travels would be of most help!

I hope in the midst of all the chaotic holiday arrangements, you get to at least have some stress-free time when deciding what to pack!

PS: (If you're a true Madonna fan like me, I know you're thinking  of her bop tune  "Holiday" from her Celebration album. It's such a catchy song that I haven't been able to stop listening to it since I thought of this post title :p )

Dreamy Location but the Humidity is Cranking UP!

Now I don't want to be the party-pooper but let's face it: tropical places usually entail hot temperatures and extremely high humidity levels. I mean no surprise here (duh, that's why most of us book a plane ticket there in the first place), but looking a hot mess with frizzy hair all over the place isn't exactly picture-perfect.

Models ventilating themselves gif

So instead of going completely unprepared and hoping for the best when taking that Insta selfie, I've dug up my trusty anti-humidity hairspray to share with you all!

Rusk's Anti-Frizz Spray

Rusk anti-frizz spray - humidity resistant working spray

This is by far the best anti-frizz spray I've tried!

I usually add a generous amount to my hair 15 minutes before leaving the house and it doesn't weigh my hair down. This is an all weatherproof product, so rest assured that your hairdo will stay in place no matter what!

Having thick and frizzy hair myself, I especially recommend this to others with the same hair type.

International Travel But NOT International Appliances 

Another important point to bring up is that your appliances may not work at your destination due to differing voltages. Instead of going through the hassle of getting an adaptor (and carrying yet another item in your luggage), why not just have an appliance with universal voltages?

Thus, I now introduce you to Avanti's High Temperature flat iron!

Avanti's High Temperature Flat Iron 1-1/4 "

Avanti Flat Iron

This hot tool is perfect if you're in a rush to get out of the hotel room, but still want to look put-together. Since it has wide plates, more hair can be stylized at any one time; so you can forget about those interminable get-ready sessions!

You also won't have to worry about finding weird bumps on your hair on your way to that really special dinner date. With its advanced ceramic heater technology, heat is consistently and quickly distributed along the plates.

Most importantly, though, Avanti's High Temperature flat iron has universal voltage, so you can easily pack this wherever life takes ya!

Expecting Sunny Days But You Get Overcast Weather :(

Paradisiac island

From time to time, we may be confronted with a less-than-ideal weather while on holiday. As disappointing as it may feel, it's important to still find other ways of enjoying yourself and getting that nice tan you've been dreaming of for months.

So, a good pick-me-upper is Selfie's Mini Travel Kit!

Selfie tan n' go bronzer

It comes with 4 products and it is just at the right size to use it throughout your 1- week vacation. Here you'll find 1 gradual tanner, 1 two-hour sunless tanner (59 ml/ 2 oz), 1 instant face bronzer (28 g/1oz) & 1 moisturizer (59 ml/2oz).

The moisturizer should be used in conjunction with the gradual tanner so it lasts longer. The good thing about the Selfie brand is that their products are not streaky and do not pass onto your clothes. They also offer 3 different shades of tan, which you can achieve by varying hours of development. The dark tan shade can be achieved with 5 hours of development; the medium tan with 2 to 3; and the light tan you can rinse off after 1 hour only.

We all love a good sea dive; our hair...not so much.

Wet beachy hair with sand

Salty water can do a whole lotta damage to our hair...especially if we don't moisturise it continuously.

A good hair oil, however, can counteract any signs of dry ends. An argan, moroccan or coconut oil does the job really, but in case you're looking to buy one, I suggest you try Kerastraight's Ultimate Oil.

Kerastraight Ultimate Oil - CEW Beauty Awards Finalist 2015


That's it for today lovelies!

Safe travels to everybody and I hope you have an amazing summer!

Much love,