Picking a new haircut is always an important decision and it has to be taken very seriously. Before deciding on a new haircut, there are lots of different variables to take into consideration.

What you want, by taking into account the different variables is to reduce the scope of the different haircut possibilities to narrow it down to the one that will fit you the best.

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Do you know what your Hair Texture is ?

Before getting a new haircut, there is one important point you have to be aware of. You will want to know what texture your hair is:

It exists many different hair textures, and for each hair texture, correspond some haircuts that will fit you better.

  • What defines thin hair is its lack of volume. You will want to add some volume and body to your hair. The perfect new haircut for thin hair is a short bob, shorter hair will make it easier to give some volume to the hairstyle.  The one good thing about fine hair is that it is easy to style in many different ways, it is easy to curl, or straighten...
  • If you have some Medium texture kind of hair, you will want to have a loose and long hairstyle. The trick is to add some layers as it gives some extra volume and it thickens the hair. You can adopt layered bangs to give some more definition to your haircut. You can also adopt a bob but, you don't want to graduate the hair too much.

What is absolutely awesome about this kind of hair texture, is that you can either thicken the look or you can slim it down, depending on your preference.

  • If you define your hair type as more of a Coarse type  of hair, you should know that your hair is most likely to be very bulky and heavy. This means that the hair can easily become frizzy. You might want to increase the graduation of your layers to give more body and make your hair more manageable.

It is very important to have layered hair, to let the hair have some volume and not be too heavy.

Knowing your hair texture will give you hints on what to do or not to do for a new haircut.

Your Quantity of Hair Matters to pick a new haircut:

Another relevant variable to take into consideration is... The quantity of hair you have. It is indeed pretty important to decide on the new haircut you will adopt.

For example, for a person that has very thin hair and a small quantity of hair, it is not recommended at all to layer it a lot nor to have extra long hair. It will be recommended to have a shoulder-length haircut.

If you have a lot of hair, it would not be recommended to cut your hair very short, as the volume might be too important and you will not achieve the look you were looking for.

This being said, after you know the quantity of hair you have, this will help you determine what kind of hairstyles will fit you or not.

Again, medium hair density is the perfect density according to a hair stylist , it can be thickened if wanted by growing certain layers. It can also be thinned by cutting down the volume through layering and graduating the hair.

Your Face Shape is important to pick a new haircut:

Finally, it is your face shape that will determine the hairstyle that will fit you best.

All Female Face Shape

If your face is oval, it means that you most likely have prominent cheekbones. As a matter of fact, oval faces can theoretically wear any hairstyle.

My advice would be to try a blunt bob with layers, you should ask for it to be cut above the shoulders. Also, some side swept bangs, and sleek hairstyles are a very good idea for your face shape.

If you have more of a round face, it means your face is as wide as it is long, and it is the widest at the cheeks.

THE perfect new haircut if you want a complete change is a pixie with some volume towards the top. If you want a more common and manageable hairstyle, the high ponytail is ideal. You will need to have long hair with small layers.

If you have a Heart shaped face, you have wide cheekbones and a wide forehead, as well as a narrow chin.

The perfect new haircut in this case is a shoulder length haircut, you should have layers that break at the collar bone.

If your face is more of a diamond shaped face:  the perfect hairstyle for you is long side swept bangs, a short textured haircut, or sleek straight hair a middle part, or a sleek high ponytail.

If your face is more square, your jawline is very squared. This means that you should be wearing your hair with long layers. You could also add some short subtle bangs to frame the face.

It is important to have the good haircut for the good face shape to maximize your positive attributes and minimize the negative ones.

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Your lifestyle matters when picking a new haircut:

The final choice of what hairstyle corresponds you the best will be determined by what lifestyle you are living.

If you have a very sportive lifestyle, you will favour a more practical, easy to manage kind of haircut. In this case, the shorter, the better.

Take into consideration your hair care/styling routine time. How much time you want to spend on styling your hair on a daily basis.

Budget is also important: how much money you want to invest in your cut will dictate what kind of treatment you will do to your hair.

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What is your motive for a new haircut?

The motive of your hair change will dictate the kind of new haircut you should be considering. Either it is for a new job, to go through a break up or just because you are looking to find yourself.

Getting the right stylist is very important to have the true results you are looking for when you pick a new haircut.

Make sure you don't make the haircut just because you have been told that it will fit you well. This is "just" hair but you have to make sure that you will like the haircut and that it will actually fit you well.

I hope that this little guide helped you find what new haircut to adopt!


Bea ;)