Once again, New Hair, New Me:

If you are like me and you always dreamed of a drastic color change and never had the courage to do it? No more cold feet, today is the day of your great transformation!!

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You never knew which products were safe and you always feared to permanently damage your hair?

With the Artego products this will not be a concern anymore.

What is Artego ?

Artego is an Italian based brand created in 1998 which is specialized in hair coloration and hair discoloration. Artego products are THE best products so far; they come in very handy as well as being very respectful for the scalp and enhance hair health.

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Semi-decided, semi-coloration line:

If you are not completely sure about a permanent coloration yet, Artego got you covered!  They carry the YouUp2 line, a semi-permanent products line.  These products naturally color the hair but the color slowly fades away, as it is semi-permanent.  As a semi-permanent color, this line of products does not contain ammonia which is highly recommended for sensitive skins!

The particularity of this line is that it contains 5 essential oils to keep the hair healthy and to preserve the dye instead of drying out and damaging the hair.

-Argan Oil: provides lightness & silkiness to the hair, It is also rich in antioxidants, which protects the color from fading by closing the scales.

- Jojoba Oil: This oil is very rich in micronutrients which is similar to natural sebum and it prevents from dryness, while adding softness and protection.

-Avocado Oil: The mineral salts like iron, copper, potassium, and magnesium it contains nourish and repair the hair. Avocado oil has been used since Ancient Egypt and its virtue is not a secret anymore. It has been long used for its hair growth properties.

- Linen Oil: It helps enhance the elasticity and the resistance of the hair which prevents it from breaking.

- Sunflower Oil: It is rich in vitamin B6 and vitamin E which makes this oil well known for its softness and lightness properties.  Finally, it also reduces scalp dryness.

Not sure of what color to adopt? The line is composed of not less than 39 different shades as well as a neutral gloss, a special silver shade, and a special slate shade. (You counted right, you can choose between 42 different shades!!).

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How to use this color:

The mix is a 1:2 ratio which means that the coloration is always mixed with a double dose of Energizer 1.8% or 3%. The 1.8% gives greater deposits of the pigments and provides more natural tone-in-tone results. The 3% gives a greater coverage of white hair and gives up to one level of lift.

The mixture is applied and acts for about 20 minutes. The mixture should be rinsed immediately.

These products have been designed to be easily used, they are not sticky, not irritating, and are easy to rinse.

It’s Color :

Artego also has a permanent color line; it contains a small quantity of ammonia to avoid irritation that could be caused by the color. It’s color line has a higher pigment concentration and benefits from a multi-pigment color system to provide a long-lasting, natural, and complete coloration.

Its Color products are rich in milk & coconut oil as well as amino acids and oligo minerals to provide greater quality coloration and makes the hair healthier and shinier. These products are conditioning based and also contain amphoteric molecules that are used to reduce the static electricity in the hair.

To use it, you should be mixing peroxide and the color together. The peroxide will preparer the hair for the coloration. It exist different types of peroxide, the degree of strength depends on the natural hair color of the person and on what color the client wants to achieve.

If you are still not convinced, Artego It’s Color line carries about 100 different colors and also proposed  nine super&ultra blond shades, two extra blonding creams, three intensifiers, and one neutral shade.

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What makes Artego so different?  Well, Artego developed phyto-technology, a natural way to color and treat the hair through several scientific research.  Every product is a combination between natural elements and biological & organic active principles.

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Artego is a brand well known for its environmentally-friendly actions. It reduces the not useful packaging production and usage, which is one main pollution source in the beauty industry. It also uses mostly renewable energy as well as multipurpose and reusable tools.

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Bea ;)