Purple shampoos are formulated to neutralize yellow and brassy tones in blonde hair. Yes, they do contain intense purple pigments that, when diluted and applied on hair, are simply meant to revive those beautiful, rich blonde shades created with care by professional hair colourists.

In Between Salon Appointments

They are ideal for at-home use, between hair colour appointments at the salon, to brighten all those beautiful platinum and very pale shades of hair. These last few years, purple shampoos and conditioners (yes, purple conditioners exist, too!) have been on an upswing with the advent of stunning polar blondes, including all the ash blondes that are sometimes combined with a beautiful shadow root colour effect; meaning the root is darker and more intense, and the rest of the hair strand is paler.

For women (and some men!) who have decided to forego hair colour altogether and go back to their natural grey or white hair, purple shampoos are a great way of making sure a yellowish tint never appears on those white strands. Yes, even grey and white hair can show some yellow tones that are far from being pretty.

How Often Should You Use It?

Since no two blonde shades are identical and every hair texture and porosity are different, there is no universal rule for how often a purple shampoo should be used to maintain the beauty of your blonde or platinum hair. Also, the intensity of the shade of purple depends on the brand manufacturing the product.

However, a good guideline is this: the more you use it, the whiter the hair will become. Without getting too technical, because purple is directly opposite yellow on the colour wheel, it means that the two shades neutralize each other when layered. So the more purple you add, the less yellowish tones will show, while also cancelling out any brassy tones.

A good choice for a purple shampoo: L'ANZA Healing Color Care Silver Brightening Shampoo formulated to bring out the sparkle in silver, grey, white, blonde & highlighted hair. This purple shampoo contains the same powerful anti-fade protectors flowers use for their own colour retention, providing full-spectrum colour protection for platinum and blonde shades. It works under the harshest UV and environmental conditions, similar to nature.

So if you’re tempted to go for a very pale shade of platinum, your BFF in terms of shampoo is definitely a purple shampoo that will make your colour pop and shine like no other!

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