In spirit of spooky season, here are some of Vanessa Hudgens best Halloween hairstyles over the years.

Ah Halloween, a time of mystic wonder, thrilling disguise and pumpkin spice lattes.

It's no secret that Vanessa Hudgens is the absolute queen of Halloween. Every year I look forward to her spooktastic instagram feed that fuels my excitement for the season even more.

Unfortunately, we are not all blessed with the same amount of chilling creativity as Vanessa, so we've compiled her best Halloween looks to help you brew up some inspiration for your upcoming Halloween rituals.


How to replicate this hairstyle?

  1. This look can be achieved with curly, wavy or straight hair
  2. Split your hair down the middle using a small tooth comb
  3. Gather your hair in two sections
  4. Use an elastic to tie small ponytails on each side of your head
  5. Secure the look with a small amount of hairspray

Clown it up

Witchy Woman

Space Bunned

How to get the look?

  1. Like the pigtails above ^ use a small toothed comb to separate your hair in half
  2. Leave two strands of hair in front of your face
  3. With an elastic tie two ponytails on each side of your head
  4. Twist each ponytail into a small bun and tie an elastic around it
  5. Use bobby pins to secure any fly aways

"I said Goddamn!"

Short, sleek and sexy.

Channeling Mia wallace. This look has some serious Pulp Fiction vibes.

How to get the look:

  1. When your hair is still damp, spray your hair with a heat protectant spray
  2. Use a blow dryer to straighten your hair using a medium-sized round brush.
  3. Use a straightening iron to give the look a sleek finish
  4. When using the iron, curve the iron inwards as you move down towards your ends
  5. Finish the look with a hair oil that will make your hair so shiny it'll look practically reflective

The best for last; V's latest Halloween look.

How to get this haunting hairstyle?

  1. Apply a smoothing cream to damp hair, work it into your hair from the roots to your tips
  2. Divide your hair into sections to make sure you style every piece
  3. Blow dry each section of hair straight with a medium size round brush
  4. Divide your hair into sections once more
  5. Pass the straightening iron through each section starting with the bottom of your hair
  6. Attach one strand of extensions of your preferred color to the bottom of your hair close to your scalp - hair treats has a variety of options from colors to different methods of application

Hope these looks spark some inspiration to give your hair some ghostly glamour this Halloween.

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