Spring's approaching and so is Valentine's Day!

Nothing says spring quite like the blossoming of flowers, and even more so, nothing says Valentine’s Day quite like a stunning bouquet of long-stemmed roses...

So, for this year’s 14th of February, we have selected a number of romantic, spring-inspired looks for you to try at home.  The first one is a pastel-pink  braided rose bun updo created by Instagram-sensation stylist Alison Valsamis @braidedandblonde.

Pastel Pink Braided Rose Bun 

Although it looks daunting to try it, the look can be achieved by:

1)braiding 3 strands of hair and rolling them up to act as the core of the rose.

2)Then, switch continuously between a standard fishtail and a Dutch fishtail.  Once again, roll up the fishtails.

3)Slightly tug each section of the fishtail so as to give the ‘flower’ more dimension.

4)To complete the look, braid 3 strands of hair into a Dutch braid and once again roll it alongside the last braid;  tug solely at the outermost side.

5) Minimize flyaways and have longer lasting results by spraying CHI’s Miss Universe Style Illuminate Rock Your Crown Firm Hair Spray.

And that's the finalized results! Make sure to check @braidedandblonde on Instagram for more intricate, stunning hairstyles.

Flower Crown Braid


For a less dramatic yet still stylish look, try doing a flower crown braid.

We think Vanessa Hudgens rocked this updo with the subtle, feminine touch  of these small, red flowers.

However, for the unapologetically bold, use bigger flowers for that extra oomph.

...Get the look!

To achieve this look, you will need a paddle brush, a rattail comb, hairspray, and hair pins.  If you wish  to add more movement to the hair, we suggest using  a small curling wand  to lightly curl a few front hair sections.

We recommend you give Kera Straight's paddle brush   a try as it is suitable for all hair types including thick, curly hair, and makes detangling so much easier!


As for the rattail comb, YS Park is an excellent brand that specializes in ergonomic combs used by top-tier professionals in the industry. The YS Park Carbon Pin Tail Comb 220 mm is a great pick for quick styling and delicate work; it has a neat feature that enables sectioning off the hair easier than other combs: the shortened upper tooth.

You can get the front parts of your hair to have the same  looser curls as Vanessa's by using a smaller curling wand that will make getting to those small hair pieces that much easier.

The Babyliss Pro Ceramic Curling Wand comes in multiple sizes, the smallest one has a barrel of just 1/2 an inch! The great thing about using a curling wand with ceramic  is that it styles the hair without tugging it, so you can style it on a consistent basis without overly stressing about the damage done to your hair.



Of course damage can always be further reduced by always using a heat protectant spray before using any hot tool. We highly suggest  CHI's 44 Iron Guard Style & Stay Firm Hold Protecting Spray, which provides both a lasting hold and thermal protection.




The classics


Going on a date and not sure what hairstyle to wear? Well,  going back to the basics might be your best bet. You can never go wrong with either styling your hair super straight and having a middle parting  or using soft waves and a side parting, as seen on Margot Robbie above. Notice how all of the hair runs in one direction to give that clean look; it also ensures that her face is being framed

If you  go for the sleek, straight hair, we suggest using the Hair Treats Purple Glam Practitioner Flat Iron .  It has a Titanium plate which is a very good conductor of  heat and will  straighten coarse, thick hair evenly along the hair.


Casual, effortless hairstyles 

...that still make you look put together!

1.) The Side Braid

You can have a deep side parting or slightly off-center depending on what you are looking for.

For a"messier", edgier look, you can tease your hair close to the scalp and flip it to your preferred side, making sure to leave a few loose strands on the other side. To modernize the regular side braid you can also add a texturising product to your braid, such as the Tigi Bed Head Manipulator Matte.

Beeswax is part of its formulation, so this particular product holds the stylized hairstyle for a long time and gives great resistance against humidity. 



2.) Messy waves

Another way to get a  put together look with a hint of "don't care" attitude is to go for the no-fuss wavy look. You will want to make sure that you alternate between curling your hair inward and outward and ideally you will want to add a holding spray afterwards.


A good way to achieve this look is to use a curling iron with a clipless barrel. We recommend the Hair Forensic Tourmaline Curling Iron if you haven't tried it already.



Its barrel has titanium technology with a coating of tourmaline to remove static, keeping you hair as smooth as it can get!


This is all for this week!

Hope you lovelies have a great week-end and that this post gave you some ideas on what hairstyles you would like to try for  Valentine's Day!

xoxo Nádia.