What started out with pretty mushroom shades last summer has expanded into a wave of beautiful, edible colours for 2023.

Right now, many of us want hair colour that is much more sophisticated and super customized. So even what we like to think of as classic brunettes and blondes is now bespoke, tailored to each person’s unique skin tone, fashion cues and lifestyle.

Buttercream Blonde

Without diving directly into the sunny, honey blonde part of the colour wheel, we’re seeing buttercream transition from the super bleached-out summer highlights. If polar, icy blonde was the coolest colour anyone wanted before, tastes have shifted to welcome a bit more warmth. This lightest shade of blonde, with just a tinge of gold, has just enough richness and depth to make it look fresh. Just make sure you do include a purple shampoo in your hair care routine, so that your colour doesn’t fade and starts to look brassy.

This warmer shade of blonde feels effortless. Think of it like a much more natural version of the expensive blonde hair colour which was trending in 2022. Which means, as a base, it looks great with lighter highlights. And you can also take it a step paler, almost platinum, without losing any of it buttercream yumminess.

Chocolate Brown

A sparkling brunette, chocolate brown has delicious caramel highlights with the glow and shine we usually associate with blonde. The best versions of this new hair colour showcase an overall darker shade with a soft balayage at the base, and then a gloss. The idea, here is that it has been expertly created by a professional hair colourist so that it’s low maintenance.

For an added twist on the same theme, you can add a dark ombré mixed in with an all-over colour on top that will grow out naturally, from mid-lengths to ends. An especially great option if you have curls, since there is less of a delineation between colour and regrowth.

Peach Cobbler

Pastels are not going anywhere in 2023. In fact, some of them are high on the trends radar for this year. But we will be moving a little bit away from the now-classic rose gold while injecting a little bit of peach, which is a great shade to pick up on the warmth of any complexion. Expect to see it as an overall colour and in a colour-block effect, alongside blonde.

Whatever shade you decide to choose to embrace for the ‘new year, new me,’ they are all equally delicious.

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