“Hair tools should work in harmony with the stylist, while helping achieve maximum results with minimal effort. They should also work in harmony with nature, therefore we use natural, yet durable materials and a manufacturing process that respects the environment.”

- Young-Soo Park, Founder of Y.S. Park

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Y.S. Park is a collection of hair tools and accessories designed for stylists by the stylist himself: Mr. Young-Soo Park. His products are designed to ensure the efficiency and comfort of stylists all while providing top quality. Not only are they functional, but aesthetically appealing as well.

Ever since he was young, Mr. Park had a passion for creating and design - he wanted to recreate everything around him. This passion led him to designing hair, as it allowed the most room for creativity in his work.

Mr. Park started working in salons in 1971 and went on to work in London, Paris, and Vancouver. He spent all of his time in salons, perfecting and learning extensive knowledge about his craft.  As time went on, he began to think of ways to make hair styling simpler, faster, and more precise than ever before. With these 3 attributes in mind, he came up with a set of styling tools that would allow for him to demonstrate and improve his skill set, all while saving both his time and the precious time of the client's. This was the beginning of what is now "Y.S. Park Professional". Since then, he has won several international styling awards and even owns a few salons in his hometown.


The Y.S. Park collection of hair tools and accessories is designed, developed and manufactured in Japan following specific guidelines obtained through years of research and development by Young-Soo Park and his team. What sets Y.S. Park apart from their competition is that these tools were created by a stylist, for other stylists.  We have yet to see a collection be released where the designer behind the products has studied hairdressing themselves for years prior to launching a set of tools. With stylists preferences as a main source for his inspiration, Mr. Park was able to understand into the mind of stylists and provide them with tools that satisfy their needs.

Y.S. Park products are meticulously designed to follow the natural motions of the stylist, which ensures comfort for stylists to handle all day long. That being said, every detail on each Y.S. Park product has a specific purpose beyond its unique design. Mr. Park's love for hair styling and years of research goes to show with these well thought out stylist tools that are being acknowledged worldwide.

A few notable Y.S. Park products are the YS-150 Teasing Comb , the Y.S. Park Diffuser, the Y.S. Park G-Series Round Brush, and the Y.S. Park Pro Sprayer. All of these tools are created using premium quality materials with their signature sleek and timeless design. These products have skyrocketed in sales quickly - making their print on hair styling as we know it. They've been featured in hair shows like the ABAs in Toronto, and have made their impact on the online community with reviews from top stylists.


Along with his design and creation of hair stylist tools - Mr. Park also created a set of tools to re-train stylists and colorists to better understand the head shape of their clients. The "Head Fit Rulers" help establish international standards for measurement guidelines  when teaching hair stylists the basic skills of the 90 degree hair cut. Mr. Park expresses that mastering hair styling starts with mastering the essential skills with precision and accuracy - which will allow you to recreate a look the same way each time, and this amount of accuracy becomes feasible by learning with the Head Fit Rulers.

Mr. Park also established a Y.S. Park academy in Tokyo where he teaches the staff in his salons, and he has now brought these educational classes over to Canada. His techniques are being recognized and taught globally- in the USA, Canada, Japan, Korea, China, and Germany. Mr. Park's mission is to change the way we educate hair stylists in order to insure accuracy in their most crucial phase - the learning process. From there, they will be able to master the art of hair styling with a firm grasp on the basic concepts and practices.


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