13 sleeps 'till Christmas, I repeat only 13 sleeps's left! Translation: 13 days to find the perfect Christmas gift.

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Now if you're a bit of a last minute Christmas shopper, and trust me, I've been there, holiday shopping can get a bit stressful. If you've still got some names to check off your Christmas list, then look no further! Here at Beauty Route, we've got your back!

The PERFECT gift

So you may be thinking, does the perfect gift even exist? Well the answer is yes! We've picked the gift that keeps on giving, whether you want to treat yourself, spoil a loved one or split this gift among many different people, the choice is yours! Now you might be wondering, what is this gift? It's none other than our holiday box!

This box was curated by our beauty experts and has full sized items valued at 250$! However for this season, the holiday box is only 89.95$ CAD.  Not only is this such a great value, but the gift box comes with 9 products making it a great gift to share with others.

We have a whole post going through each item you'll receive, which I'll link here. However I'll do a quick run through here in case you missed it.

What you get in the box?

1.Moda by Hair Treats bam bam mini in Pearl OR Maroon OR Cobalt blue

The first item is the Moda by hair treats bam bam mini flatiron. It's the perfect size for traveling, yet is still powerful enough to straighten or curl hair while sealing moisture, reducing frizz and repelling humidity. (retail price 52.99$ CAD.)

HT BAM BAM Mini Flat Iron

HT BAM BAM Mini Flat Iron

HT BAM BAM Mini Flat Iron

2.Bean body coffee scrub in Peppermint OR Honey OR Mandarin

Coffee scrubs have so many benefits such as reducing the appearance of cellulite, stretch marks, age spots, acne, blackheads and so much more!  This is a great gift for any animal lover in your life since it's cruelty-free and vegan as well. (retail value of 29.95 CAD$.)

3.Selfie tan'n go 2 hour sunless

This is a great gift for anyone living in colder climates or who can't reach a sunny vacation getaway this holiday season.  The Selfie Tan’s Go 2 Hour Sunless gives you a radiant glow as it's an immediate bronzer. (retails for 41.95 CAD$.)Selfie Tan’n Go 2 Hour Sunless 6.78oz

4.Essie nail polish in ballet slippers OR a cut above

This is a great stocking stuffer or the perfect add-on to any gift. Essie is known for it's quality nail polishes, making it a gift you know will be appreciated. (retail 8-10$ CAD.)

5.Lakme argan oil hair mask

Perfect for anyone with thick hair! This mask is made with 100% organic argan oil to hydrate hair during the Winter months.  (retail 21.95$ CAD)

K.Therapy Bioargan Hydrating Mask 250ML

6.Lakme bioargan oil

A quick fix for anyone with dry hair. This argan oil shows immediate results of softer and shinier hair when a few drops are brushed into the hair. So if you or any of your friends suffer from dry or frizzy hair, then this will be a lifesaver.  The oil prevents hair breakage and loss of elasticity while also treating split ends and taming frizz and static.  (retail 33.68$ CAD.)

LAKME K.Therapy BioArgan Oil

7.Gama heat protection spray

This is the perfect pairing with the flatiron! If you decide to split the box and gift items separately, make sure to pair the iron and spray together. It's so important to protect your hair before you use heat! This spray also helps to straighten the hair (retail 24.95$ CAD.)

Protect Ion, protection spray

8. Sea la vie moisturiser OR Salty Beach scrub

If you can't get to the beach this holiday, this moisturizing cream is a great substitute. It's infused with coconut and sea salt and smells just like the beach. (retail 21$ CAD.)

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However another option you might receive instead of the moisturizer is the Salty beach scrub exfoliate. It's the perfect item to use before you apply the Selfie tan'n go self-tanner! Image result for sea la vie selfie lotion

9. Beauty sponge in pink OR yellow

This a great little gift for any makeup lover in your life or even for yourself.  I mean you can never really have too many beauty sponges. Did you know that its recommended to change your beauty blender every 1-3 months? So if you haven't done that recently, here is an opportunity to get a new one! This option will come in either pink or yellow.

For only 89.95$CAD you can get a flatiron, Essie nail polish,  hair mask, hair oil, a bean body coffee scrub, beauty blender, moisture cream/salt scrub, heat protectant and a self-tanner. This is honestly such a great value! So whether you want to get a cute gift for yourself, spoil one special person or share this and gift items separately to different friends, there is something for everyone in this box!