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  1. Winter Relief: Hair Care Holy Grails

    Winter Relief: Hair Care Holy Grails

    The  weather isn't the only thing that gets dull this season... The onset of winter is often met with understandable misery, as days become shorter and winds become stronger. Canadian winters are known to be long and harsh, to the point of being inhumane. This year we got to see snow mid-January which is a lot later than usual and the worst part is that it  has only just begun. In the next coming months, we can expect the harsh conditions to become even more extreme;  with this in mind, we should be extra careful when handling our hair this season. In preparations for facing what is ahead of us, we came up with a list of  tried-and-tested products that we now consider to be holy grails for treating dull, undernourished and brittle hair. Keep reading to find out what made it into our winter essentials: hair edition list! Continue reading →

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