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  1. 5 keypoints to correctly pick your new haircut?

    5 keypoints to correctly pick your new haircut?

    Picking a new haircut is always an important decision and it has to be taken very seriously. Before deciding on a new haircut, there are lots of different variables to take into consideration. What you want, by taking into account the different variables is to reduce the scope of the different haircut possibilities to narrow it down to the one that will fit you the best. Shaving Head Gif Continue reading →
  2. Most frequently asked Q&A:

    Most frequently asked Q&A:

    It's Q&A tiiime! As we all like to receive answers to our questions, here are the answers to our most frequently asked questions. Continue reading →
  3. Grey Hair Don't Care!

    Grey Hair Don't Care!

    Grey hair has always been a tricky subject. Some hate it and dye their hair all their lives to avoid it, while some absolutely love it and dye their natural hair grey!!! Read more to learn all you have to know about grey hair ! Continue reading →
  4. Say YES to the dress and all that goes with it !

    Say YES to the dress and all that goes with it !

    It is finally time to say YES to your significant other! I officially declare the wedding season O-P-E-N ! You are wondering what I am talking about ? Well June and July are THE months to get married. Why? It's sunny, birds are singing, temperature is (finally) warm... Urg what a great time to tie the knot !!! Continue reading →
  5. DIY: The hair mask for THE hair type !

    DIY: The hair mask for THE hair type !

    Naturally Beautifully or Beautifully natural ? Always wanted to prepare your own hair care products (AKA hair mask) or planning a fun activity with friends ? just keep reading ... ;) Do It Yourself flashing neon light gif Continue reading →
  6. Dandruff No More!

    Dandruff No More!

    Flakes upon flakes...and not the snow kind. Some of us are affected by it more than others, but no matter the gravity we still feel self-conscious about having dandruff.  Walking in public with visible white flakes all over our scalp and (possibly on our clothes, too) is an embarrassing picture to paint in our minds... to say the least. If this is something that has been bothering you for a while and you'd like to keep your dandruff in check, this blog post is exactly what  you've been looking for! Continue reading →

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