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  1. Golden Globes 2020: The Best Hair Looks on the Carpet

    Golden Globes 2020: The Best Hair Looks on the Carpet

    Our Favorite Hairstyles Featured at the 77th Golden Globe Awards With the New Year comes the wave of annual award shows that allows fans to watch all of their favourite celebrities together on one screen and admire their impressive (yet sometimes questionable) looks. The Golden Globes kick off every January, and with this year’s awards came Ricky Gervais’ controversial humor...
  2. Time to celebrate your Hero!

    Time to celebrate your Hero!

    There is only two days in the year where you can celebrate your lifelong hero. These days are: obviously his birthday and father’s day (duh!)…  And guess what ! father’s day is coming our way and it is in less than a week. DAD! PAPA! SONNY BOY! the simpson gif Continue reading →
  3. The Perfect Mother's Day 101

    The Perfect Mother's Day 101

    After a long busy week and on this cloudy Friday we are all excited for the weekend to start, but some are more than others... Now you are wondering who can be more excited than YOU !  Well... Mothers are !!! Happy Mother's Day gif - 4 proud moms Continue reading →
  4. What To Bring With You On Vacay!

    What To Bring With You On Vacay!

    It's hard to believe but May is already here, which means... .... it's holiday time, baby! Madonna signing in a video clip - Holiday As you are likely planning your holiday to a dreamy, tropical paradise somewhere in Punta Cana, Playa del Carmen or possibly Havana, a post on what to bring during your travels would be of most help! I hope in the midst of all the chaotic holiday arrangements, you get to at least have some stress-free time when deciding what to pack! Continue reading →
  5. Little Green:  Protecting Our Little Ones Bit By Bit

    Little Green: Protecting Our Little Ones Bit By Bit

    One of the musts new parents usually look for in care products for their kids are the words, "safe", "gentle" and "natural". But the truth is that not a lot of hair products uphold to their green claims. The deception becomes exceptionally disheartening considering children and babies are vulnerable and even more prone to sensitive skin and allergies. It is for this particular reason that we've decided to talk to our readers about Little Green. Little Green products in a basket with flowers Continue reading →
  6. Don't Neglect Your Self Care Routine During Exams

    Don't Neglect Your Self Care Routine During Exams

    Year after year and it feels like the horror of finals lurking around April just never go away. Yep, you've guessed it: it's exam season... again (sigh) ! Honestly there are not that much suggestions that one can be given for studying other than preparing in advance... but! And here's a big "but": you can take control over what affects your emotional state during preparation time, so you can be at your best self when taking exams! Continue reading →
  7. Spring and Frizz are no match made in heaven

    Spring and Frizz are no match made in heaven

    In case you couldn't tell already by the countless posts we've done thus far, we are very much excited for the new, warmer weather to come. It is of no surprise then that every post is seen as an opportunity to nurture our enthusiasm and towering expectations. This particular blog post is no different; it  is thus a reflection of our much anticipated change in season. (Okay, we get it. So the title may be just a liiiiittle corny. We couldn't resist adding a touch of romantic flair to it; after all, it is officially spring! ) As much as we like spring, we also acknowledge the importance of having healthy, anti-static hair. With the upcoming change in temperature and air humidity, we can only expect to see a commonly occurring hair problem make a comeback: hair frizz!  So don't miss out on these 5 hair products: after all, spring and frizz are no match made in heaven! Continue reading →
  8. The Complete Buying Guide for the Ideal Flat Iron

    The Complete Buying Guide for the Ideal Flat Iron

    Buying the right flat iron can get very overwhelming: there are many varying size options to choose from. Not only that, but you also have to take into consideration the plate materials and think about your purpose behind getting the straightener. For example, if you wish to use your straightener for styling your hair curly or wavy, you may want...
  9. How To: Braided Bun

    How To: Braided Bun

    Quick & Easy Braided Bun Now I'm no hair or beauty guru, however I do like trying out cute hairstyles. From fishtail, dutch and french braided styles, I think playing with different hairstyles and textures so fun. These small details can really pull together any outfit. So today I'm so excited to be sharing a fun and simple braided bun look. For this style, I borrowed my lovely friend Jane to be my hair model. For this mini tutorial, I'll be showing you the steps I used along with the hair products to achieve the look. Image result for braided bun gif Continue reading →
  10. Get The look: Emma Stone

    Get The look: Emma Stone

    50 Shades of Emma Stone Image result for emma stone gif You may know her and love her from movies such as "Easy A", "La la Land" and "The Amazing Spiderman." Not only is Stone an incredible actress, but she  is also  a hair chameleon, going from blonde, to brunette and most famously a redhead! Although she is naturally a blonde (shocking, I know), she often changes up her hair color and style for roles. Today we'll be going through some of her best looks and how to achieve them. Continue reading →

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