Texture is here to stay! The era when hair was constantly being forced to look and behave in a way that was completely contrary to its natural predisposition and personality all the time is, thankfully, over. Long live the waves, curls and coils you were born with. 

Here are some tips you can use to refine your naturally textured hair to make those curls really pop out beautifully. But first, always remember that your naturally textured hair is much more fragile than straight hair, and that it needs to be taken care of properly. Which means conditioner, deeply moisturizing treatments and masks are your ultimate BFFs.

Great Hair Tips to Implement  

Because your curls will benefit the most from the natural oils present in your scalp, avoid washing your hair every day. You can also try the co-washing method (using conditioner to wash your hair) on those days when you do cleanse it, since hydration should be your daily mantra to help your textured and curly hair look and feel beautiful.

Otherwise, choose a shampoo and conditioner that are specifically formulated for textured or curly hair, as they contain more nourishing ingredients and are designed to enhance curl and beautify texture.

By adding extra moisturizing and nourishing ingredients on a regular basis, your hair will have noticeably less frizz and more bounce.

And don’t forget to get a microfibre towel to help blot out excess water instead of using a terrycloth towel, which only makes hair tangled, messy and flattens out curls if you towel dry too vigorously.

Styling Your Awesome Curls

While some guys and girls with textured hair like to air dry it, some still prefer the benefits that hot styling tools provide in creating the type of finish and curl they prefer. Like everything else in beauty, it’s a question of preference and convenience.

Still, the one thing you will have to focus on if you’ve been blessed with texture or curls, is to absolutely make sure you detangle it well, since curly hair is more prone to having knots and matting, making it harder to detangle without breakage. Use fingers or a wide-toothed comb to remove any knots.

Another great way to keep hair hydration at its peak is to layer products, a little bit like the skincare trend called slugging, where a multitude of moisture-rich products are applied like in a sandwich. Experts advise to first use a leave-in conditioner to prep hair to absorb the moisture. Next, the hair oil.

A great choice: Lanza Keratin Healing Oil, which increases shine up to 260%, reduces drying time by 65% (something everyone wants, but especially those with curly or textured hair), and features triple UV protection.

Lastly, finish with a styling creme to seal it all in and have fab hair from morning till night!