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As the popular quote says, "Leaves out, Highlights out!" (JK, this quote is fresh out of my imagination).

Even though this quote does not get the recognition it deserves, it shows a very common phenomenon. Highlights and coloration tend to be more in demand in Spring.

A demand that colorists get a lot at this period of the year is blond highlights or even a complete blond dye.

You are thinking of changing your current hair color for a shade of blond ? You are at the right place. Finding the color that will perfectly fit your style is often a tricky journey. So, here is a list of some of the most popular blond this Spring.

Types of Colors:

The Blond Edition:

"Cold" Blond:

  • Ashy blond: This color is perfect to enhance light eyes but some people find it lacks some light.

Dark Blonde girl

  • Bleach-Platinum blond: This color is a long time basic that should be used on naturally light hair colors.

white blonde platinum blonde

  • Grey blond: This color, also known as Sand Hair is a very elegant one. It does not have any warm highlights and is perfect for dark eyes.

Ice blonde grey wavy balayage mid length hair

"Warm" Blond:

  • Golden blond: This color is basically the real blonde hair color after being in the sun. It will make everyone think you got sun-tanned on your balcony ;).
  • Honey blond: It is a dark but soft blond which warms up the complexion. It is the typical Spring coloration.

Honey Blonde girl on a runway

  • Caramel blonde balayage: This color is perfect for matte and tanned skins. The caramel color really makes your hair looks healthy and glowy.

Caramel Blond Model

  • Blond venitian: This shade is a classic since the Renaissance. It is a reddish-blond colour.

blonde-red hair model

"Neutral" Blond:

The name says it all, the color has very neutral shades and highlights.  This color is perfect for people who are undecisive or uncertain.

blonde-white Hair Girl

"Pastel" Blond:

This color has been very popular for the past years and the trend is here to stay. It brings a touch of color to the hair.

Pastel Pink Hair Trend

Brunette Edition:

If you are more into darker highlights, here is a list of some of the most popular ones.

  • Warm Copper

Warm, Copper Balayage Hair Color

  • Creamy nude

Summer Hair Colors - Blonde Girl

  • Burnt Mahogany

Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights Girl

  • Shadow Roots

Shadow roots by Yaroslav Maslennikov

  • Caramel Dimension

Caramel Blonde Hair

  • Warm Glow

Black Hair Curly Hair

  • Rosy Hues

Rose Gold Shiny Hair

  • No highlights highlights

Chestnut Brown with Heavy Caramel Balayage

  • Cold Brew

 Black Hair with Brown Highlights

Redhead Edition:

Fiery Copper:

Fiery copper and auburn balayage Hair

If you want to get these beautiful colors and highlights or if you are unsure of what will fit you better or what color will help you achieve the look you want I would highly recommend you consult a professional colorist beforehand.

Red Hair Girl gif

Homemade Highlights:

Working all Spring and Summer, no time for a little beach break ? Here is your guide to achieve the perfect sun-bleached effect that will make the trick.

Step 1: Braids

First, start with making 3 strand braids all over your hair.  on ever outer stand you use pull a piece of hair. These piece of hair will be the one to be dyed or bleached.

blond braids

In order to achieve a more natural look sun bleached effect, I will highly recommend making different size braids in different directions.

blond braids tutorial blonde braids tutorial

Step 2: The Color

It is very important to mix your products very well and to use gloves and a brush to apply the color.

Hair Color in a bowl

You can either use hair dye or bleach, please note that bleach will damage your hair more than dye. The little trick I like to use is mixing conditioner with the bleach to avoid to dry too much the hair and to have better results.

highlight application

If you are using dye, you should leave the product in the hair for about 20-30 minutes and wash it right away. If you are using bleach you will have to constantly check on the progress. The longer you leave the bleach on, the lighter your hair will be.

Finally, if you are not a 100% sure of the color your achieved, you can always use hair dye until you reach your desired color.

Before Highlights picture After Highlights picture

Final result, you will get a very natural highlight that will make you look instantly glowing and healthy.

Colored Hair Care:

Girl turning around with a new highlight colour

After all this effort to find the perfect colour and either doing it yourself or going to the salon, you want to keep it as long as possible.

You will need to take extra care of your hair. Here are some rules and tips to do so.

Girl washing her hair in the shower gif

  1.  Most importantly, you will NOT wash your hair 72 hours after the hair color was applied.
  2. You will want to use sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner.
  3. A must is turning down the water temperature when you wash your hair.
  4.  You will wash your hair less often than usual because the more you wash your hair, the faster the colour will fade away.
  5. you will want to use leave-in treatments to protect your hair and your color when styling. Colored hair needs extra hydration and protection from the sun to prevent damages and loss of nutrients to the hair. 
  6. Use UV protection treatments to prevent the sun from fading your hair color.
  7. You will want to use heat protectant before using hot tools as the heat strips away the color and the hair hydration, damaging the hair.

Girl burning her hair off gif

Summer and Spring Hair Care Routine:

If you are one of the lucky ones that will benefit from the sun this summer, here are some tips you should follow in order to protect your hair during and after sun exposure.

Small amounts of sun stimulates hair growth, BUT too much exposure is harmful for the hair. You can encounter hair loss weeks after you return from vacations.

Girl tanning at the beach

The simple solution to prevent this problem is to use a sun protector during the day and rinse the hair with clear water after bathing to remove salt from the hair.

At night, you should use hair masks that target hair damages. You can create your own hair mask by mixing egg yolks with olive oil.

Hope this will help you find the perfect highlight for you !


Bea ;)