In case you couldn't tell already by the countless posts we've done thus far, we are very much excited for the new, warmer weather to come. It is of no surprise then that every post is seen as an opportunity to nurture our enthusiasm and towering expectations. This particular blog post is no different; it  is thus a reflection of our much anticipated change in season.

(Okay, we get it. So the title may be just a liiiiittle corny. We couldn't resist adding a touch of romantic flair to it; after all, it is officially spring! )

As much as we like spring, we also acknowledge the importance of having healthy, anti-static hair. With the upcoming change in temperature and air humidity, we can only expect to see a commonly occurring hair problem make a comeback: hair frizz! 

So don't miss out on these 5 hair products: after all, spring and frizz are no match made in heaven!

For starters: Shampoo & Conditioner!

Alright, alright...this one may be a little too obvious.  In our defense, some readers aren't aware that hair cleansing products made to target frizziness do exist!

With them in mind, we decided to name a few products under the hair wash category that we think are worth a try. And even if you were previously aware, it doesn't hurt to familiarize yourself with some new ones...

Regenerative Shampoo

There are several options currently available, but one care line you may like to try is Hair Forensic's ProSmooth Regenerative Shampoo.

Similar to other anti-frizz shampoos, the ProSmooth possesses proteins that act as a nourishing and hydrating supplement. However, what distinguishes the line is  its A.B.S. property, a unique component in its formulation. Essentially, A.B.S. (Anti-Breakage system Technology) is  a patented formula specially designed to repair broken hair bonds.

An effective way of stopping frizz, A.B.S.  retains the moisture in the hair and prevents the strands from getting dehydrated. Since an imbalance of protein to moisture ratio can lead to frizzing, the unique ingredient enables to regain control over this issue.

Regenerative Conditioner

As aforementioned, maintaining that golden ratio between protein and moisture is key for avoiding frizzy hair. Thus, you can only guess how important it is to ensure that your hair is continuously getting the proteins and oils it needs. The regenerative conditioner is full of proteins that act together to treat the hair as it is being conditioned.

Prep Your Hair With: Lakme's  BioArgan Oil

Before you use any hot tools, it is important to thoroughly prep your hair and take your time with this step. One of the various ways you can avoid having frizzy hair is to put essential oils back in. For this reason, we highly recommend you to incorporate argan oil  into your hair care routine.

Lakme's BioArgan Oil was nominated as customers' favorite just last year for Salon Magazine's Reader's Choice Awards , so you can rest assured this is a quality product. You can apply this right before blow-drying your hair, so it looks smoother and reduces damage. You can also apply a couple of drops to dried hair just so it regains some of the lost moisture.

Style Your Hair With: KeraStraight Glossing Texture Cream

At the same time that it makes hair soft and frizz-free, KeraStraight's Glossing Cream can also add shine and texture to the hairdo. This product is a great addition to any men's hairstyling collection, particularly to enhance cuts.

Generally, the product will activate after applying heat; the wearer will have even more moldable texture and strength, making it ideal for spiky, or side-swept hair.  Due to its heat-activation, the cream should be applied onto flyaways and frizzy hair only after blow-drying.

Finalize Your Look With: Rusk's Anti-Frizz Spray

In case you were wondering what exactly causes frizziness, we've got it all written down for you!

Typically, frizz is the result of raised cuticles that allow moisture to seep in and swell the strand. Alternatively, frizz can also be brought on when moisture leaves hair strands. As the strands keep on losing moisture, they become dehydrated. Usually, with curly hair, the ends tend to be drier.

With Rusk's Anti-Frizz Spray, however, you won't have to worry about frizz! This humidity-resistant hairspray prevents any external moisture from passing through and will retain a particular hairdo intact for a whole day!

Works wonders with any hair type and most importantly won't leave residue behind...

If you thought that wasn't enough, here's the real scoop: the spray offers color protection AND reinforces hair strands, on top of everything else!

- -

After these tips, we can all kiss frizzy hair goodbye and enjoy this coming summer looking fabulous!

'Till next time,