To grow long hair is every little girl's dream and on contrary to what we commonly think, it is way harder to obtain long locks than it seems!

You have to follow tons of of rituals and take so many precautions to avoid damages.

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To grow the perfect long hair, there is several steps you have to follow:

The key to achieve long, shiny hair, is to keep your hair healthy and strong!

The hairdresser is your long hair new bestie:

You will definitely need to get regular trims to grow strong and long hair.  This will help you get rid of split ends that slow your hair growth down, and make it look unhealthy, dull, and uneven.

The secret to grow long hair: beware of the Chemicals:

Another important point to take into consideration when seeking to grow long hair is to closely monitor what you put on your hair.

Indeed, the fewer chemicals you put on your hair, the better. Chemicals such as bleach or hair coloration will weaken your hair, and strip it from it's natural barrier: it's oils. As a result your hair is weakened and your cuticles are damaged from the chemicals. This will lead to more split ends and the hair is more prone to breakage.

Distribute the Oil is key to grow long hair:

Many people are doing everything they can to get rid of the oil in their hair, but they forget that this oil is a natural protection for the hair and is truly a blessing.

In order to have healthy, and fast growing hair, you NEED this natural oil! BUT you  want this oil to be equally distributed among the hair. If you have straight hair, you MUST brush your hair every night before going to bed. Also, as the oil in your hair is a natural protector for your hair, do not wash your hair too often , as you will strip it from its natural protector and it will dry it out, thus your hair will not be in a good position to grow. I strongly recommend using the Hair Treats detangling brush to your routine, it will detangle your hair and will evenly spread the oil among your strands.

Knots Out! Brush by Hair Treats, 16.95$Hair Treats Knots Out Brush

Nutrition is key to grow long healthy hair:

In order to have long, healthy, growing hair, you need to eat healthy, and by healthy I mean the nutrients that your hair is needing to grow strong. The good nutrients will feed your hair from the inside, you will want to eat enough protein to feed the hair and prevent it from shedding. Favor food rich in proteins like fish, nuts, or beans,...

Other important "food" for your hair are zinc, Omega 3, and Iron... Don't forget, the better you eat, the healthier, the longer, and the shinier your hair will be.

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THE Big No-No to grow long hair:

What you want to avoid at any cost (at the same level as chemicals-based hair treatments) are heat styling tools. If you cannot live without blow drying your hair, at the very least, you should reduce the temperature of your tools. The rule here is: the thicker, and the curlier the hair, the higher the temperature can be. You must use a heat protectant to protect your locks before using any heat tools. We recommend buying the Ironclad Thermal Protectant Spray from JOICO to protect your hair when using hot tools.

Joico Ironclad Thermal Protectant Spray

The heat from the hot tools will dry your hair out, strip your hair from its natural protecting oil, and make it more prone to breakage and will slow the growing down.

Ironclad - Thermal protectant spray by Joico, 233ml, 18.15$

Wet Hair are extra fragile:

Another precaution you must be taking when brushing your hair is to make sure you brush your hair from the bottom up. This will diminish the tension you put on your hair. You have to be extra careful when brushing the hair wet, as it is more prone to breakage. You should be using the appropriate instruments such as a wide-tooth detangling comb, to once again, prevent too much tension to be applied on the hair. It is also recommended to use a deep moisturizing conditioner, the CHI Argan Oil conditioner is perfect to hydrate and strengthen the hair and to avoid any more breakage when brushing it.

 Argan Oil Conditioner by CHI, 355 ml, 18.49$
CHI Argan Oil - Paraben Free Conditioner

The is no miracle diet cleanser:

As trendy as diets and cleansing treatments are, they are bad for the hair. They create a lack of the essential nutrients needed by the hair to stay healthy, strong, and to grow. Instead, they could even cause hair loss. Even if these treatments give you extra glowy skin, or make you look fitter, do not do it, as they deprive your body and hair from their main constituents.

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Moisturizing is the key to grow long hair:

One important step in having long hair is to keep it healthy (if you don't know this by now, i don't know what to tell you..). One great way of doing so, it by locking the natural moist of the hair in AND by adding some extra moist to it if needed. So a daily moisturizing of your hair is very important. Every time you want to take a shower (even if you don't wash your hair, you have to moisturize it, as damp hair tend to dry out faster)!

In conclusion, you want to keep healthy hair, and one great way to overcome heat damages, weak hair lacking its nutrients, or dry hair, is by weekly deep conditioning your hair. For your weekly deep moisturizing, I recommend the K-Therapy Bioargan Hydrating mask from Lakme.

Bio Argan Hydrating mask from the K. Therapy by Lakme, 250 ml, 21.95$Bio Argan Hydrating Mask For All Hair - K. Therapy - Lakme

The more, the merrier, as we say! If you want more long hair care tips, read our blog on the long hair care routine !!

I wish you a life filled with never ending long healthy hair!


Bea :)