It can be frustrating and downright scary to experience hair loss. But fear not! We understand your concerns and want you to know that we're here to help you through this difficult hair stage.

For today's blog, we'll focus on Lakme K. Therapy line  since it serves as  an effective mitigation of hair loss.

Regardless  of the products you choose to use, we cannot stress enough how important it is to remain patient and follow through the treatment!

Since treatments generally work better when all products from a single line are used as opposed to various products from different brands, we strongly recommend you to stick to the same repairing brand and to use their products in the right order.

To better guide you throughout the process, we also made sure to include the  applying instructions along with other information we thought would be helpful.

...Now onto the treatment!

1)  Active Prevention Shampoo

The first step in your treatment is to switch from your usual shampoo, which may have harmful chemicals that will further damage your hair, to the Prevention ShampooUnlike other shampoos, this one is especially formulated to target DHT, a hormone derivative that contributes to hair loss in men and women.

Scientific research has shown that DHT diminishes the amount of nutrients taken up  that are necessary for the formation of healthy hair strands. Its active ingredient, commercialized as Procapil, subsides DHT's thinning-inducing effects.

Procapil is also effective in minimizing hair thinning since it improves blood circulation in the scalp. Nutrients are brought to your hair follicles through your bloodstream. So by stimulating your follicles, you're ensuring that new hair strands receive the required nutrients  for  healthy growth.

Usage Instructions

Much like a standard shampoo, simply apply this to your scalp and leave it to act for a couple of minutes before washing it off.

2)  Active Shock Concentrate

We recommend this concentrate as it is infused with olive leaf extract, which has SO many healing properties and is known to have antioxidant activities that combat hair loss.

Experts in the field have theorized that oxidative stress is one of the biggest contributors to the ageing of hair follicles and is often present in those affected by androgenic alopecia ( commonly known as pattern-hair loss).

Furthermore, studies have  shown that olive leaf extract helps prevent hair loss at another end: it fights against bacteria in the scalp that induce inflammatory responses. Depending on  your follicles' reaction to these bacteria, healthy hair growth may be severely compromised .

The fact that Lakme's active shock concentrate addresses both issues simultaneously is a great indication that it actively targets hair loss. Some of its other benefits include increased hair density; improved blood flow and reduced oil-production in the scalp.

Usage Instructions

1.) Make sure to have your hair shampooed with Active Prevention Shampoo from the same K.Therapy line prior to this step.

2.) Pour a small amount of the concentrate on the scalp and thoroughly massage the product for maximum absorption.


4.) Add this step to your hair wash routine for 6 to 9 weeks.  For effective results, apply product 3 times a week on non-consecutive days.

3.) Active Prevention Lotion

As an alternative, if you wish to use a product that is light enough for everyday wear, you can try Lakme's Active Lotion.

This product helps to create more volume and shine to the hair during the recovery stages when it is still very fine. Because it has castor oil, this lotion is perfect for addressing hair loss.


If you don't already know, castor oil has been used in the beauty world for years for growing out hair at a faster rate. Since it has so many beneficial properties, it is able to restore any low vitamin levels; fight off scalp infections and make hair denser, stronger and less frizzy.  

Usage Instructions

1.) Just like with the Active Concentrate, you'll want to wash your hair first with Active Prevention Shampoo.

2.) Apply the lotion to your scalp and once again massage it into your scalp.


4.) This product is meant for everyday wear, so simply make it a part of your hair wash routine.

4.) Active Fortifying Mask

This restorative mask gives dry, dull and damaged hair a much needed boost. It brings back the missing shine and smoothness of a typical healthy hair.

The mask also makes detangling a much easier task, so you won't have to worry about losing  more hair when brushing it out. As a precaution, it is advisable to section off your hair into one inch pieces before brushing it and then proceed to detangle the ends of your hair and working your way up to the scalp. This way, you'll avoid using unnecessary force, preventing further breakage.

Heads up!

If you're sensitive to smell, do know that the mask has a geranium scent with a kick of citrus fruits.  However, the fragrance is not overpowering and most find it to be rather calming.

Usage Instructions

1.) After washing your hair with Active Prevention Shampoo and using either the concentrate or the lotion, apply the Fortifying Mask over damp hair.

2.) Massage the mask into your scalp and leave it for a couple of minutes before rinsing it.

3.)  Mask should be done twice a week for best results.

- -

We hope that this blog's post has been helpful to you or someone you know with the condition. 

Also, if you decide to give Lakme's K. Therapy line a try, let us know how you find the treatment in the comment section! We'd love to hear from our readers!