Still looking for some last minute Halloween costume inspiration?

You've come to the right place! Today we'll be looking at how to recreate hairstyles from some of your favorite movie and TV characters.

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Halloween can be a pretty stressful time of year; everyone wants to have the perfect costume. I mean, what's worse then going to a Halloween party and everybody asking what you are? That's why finding inspiration from movies or shows that almost everyone is familiar with is the safest bet! Not only are the actual costumes easy to DIY at home, but the hairstyles can be simple to recreate as well.

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1. Wizard of OZ: Dorothy

A classic movie that almost everyone is familiar with is The Wizard of Oz. Released in 1939, many people still watch this movie in 2018. Not to mention that thousands of girls dress up as Dorothy every year. This girly and cute costume is very easy to DIY and so is it's signature hairstyle.

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To get these cute braided pigtails, you'll need to start off by centering your hair down the middle. Beginning with one side, you have to twist braid the front sections and then start french braiding once you approach the top of your ear. Continue braiding until just above your collar bone and tie off the braid with an elastic. In order to replicate this look, you should also tie blue ribbons around the ends of the braids. To finalize Dorothy's hairstyle, lightly curl the ends of the pigtails. If you want those really soft an natural curls, try the Professional Curl Machine Miracurl. This tool curls the hair for you in an automatic system to give you effortless waves.

Professional Curl Machine Miracurl

2. Riverdale: Betty Cooper

A very popular TV series this year was Riverdale. If you're stuck for a last minute costume, why don't you try recreating Betty Cooper's signature preppy look. You can totally use clothes you already own, or buy an outfit that you can re-wear throughout the year.

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In terms of Betty's hairstyle, it's quite simple. A cute high ponytail and you're good to go! To get her volume, try a volume specific hairspray or texture spray. This will provide your hair with movement as well as taming those baby hairs. The KeraStraight Root Lift Spray Gel is a great product that lifts the roots of your hair without the stiffness. It builds extra body while still feeling weightless on your head.

KeraStraight Root Lift Spray Gel

3. Beauty and the Beast: Belle

This Disney classic, now also made into a live action movie is sure to be a recognizable and popular look. Belle's romantic style is the perfect costume for any girly girl out there. Whether you are 5 years old or 23, dressing up as Belle is so much fun!

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To get Belle's hairstyle, you'll need to split your hair into 2 layered sections for a half up, half down look. For the top part of the hair, you'll need to create a  bun about halfway between a high and mid bun position. For the bottom half of your hair, you'll need to curl the ends. For a very natural and delicate wave, use a flat iron to gently curl the bottom section. The Barbar 2500 Nano Ionic Flat Iron will give your hair that very soft and shiny finish.

Barbar 2500 Nano Ionic Flat Iron, 1.5-Inch, Black

4. Breakfast at Tiffany's: Holly Golightly

Audrey Hepburn is known as being an iconic actress. Popular during Hollywood's Golden Age, Hepburn was known for her class and elegance. If you want to keep a sophisticated Halloween look this year, recreate Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany's!

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Depending how comfortable you are with updo's this hairstyle could be quite the challenge. Many people break away from the traditional look and opt for a high ballerina or donut bun. However if you are brave enough to give the original chignon style a go, you'll need some strong hold hairspray to keep the look in tact. Try the LAKME K.Style Hard Xtreme Hold Spray. It works on all hair types and has a rigid, long lasting hold.

LAKME K.Style Hard Xtreme Hold Spray 300 ml

There are many tutorials on different ways to achieve Audrey's chignon updo, however this one seemed like a fairly simple one to follow. You'll need to section off your hair into 3 parts, tie the middle in a ponytail and place a hair donut underneath. Then you'll have to take the 2 side sections and pin them going across the nape of your neck and around the bun.

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5. Scream Queens: Chanel Oberlin

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Although this comedy-horror series came to an end, it was quite popular for awhile and fits perfectly with the Halloween vibe. Chanel Oberlin was known for her signature high end style, so why not dress up fancy for the night a recreate a posh look. To get this hairstyle you'll need to start parting your hair to one side. The next step if curl your hair. Curl once inch sections, hairspray them and after about 10 minutes brush them out. The HF Elite Series Curlology Oval Tourmaline Curling Iron will give you those effortless waves. The oval shapes helps to add more volume and the black titanium technology detoxifies hair.

HF Elite Series Curlology Oval Tourmaline Curling Iron

TV shows are movies can be great inspirations for fun Halloween costume ideas! We hope you find the perfect costume and enjoy Halloween! Whether you're going trick or treating to stock up on candy or to costume party, be safe!