Now is the time to...

Now is the time to reveal what products our team is using !!

Josie's all time favorite(s):

Josie could not decide between her two favourite products so she chose both:

Josie has been using the Hair Treats detangling brush (knots out) for about one year now, and she really loves it!  It truly makes miracles on Josie’s wavy hair, she mentions that regular brushes usually give her hair too much volume and she hates it...

knots out! Brush - Hair Treats

Hair Treats Knots Out! Detangling Brush, 16.95$


For Josie, what is great about this brush is that it gently detangles the hair without any pulling, plus it goes through the toughest knots. One very cool aspect that Josie loves is its small and manageable size (the brush is handle free) which makes it the perfect brush to keep in your bag at all times.

Blonde Long Hair Girl Gif

Also, it is easy to clean and super inexpensive for its quality and practicality! Josie 100% recommends it!

Styling in style:

Josie’s second favourite product is the Lakmé Top Ten. She loves it so much that she converted a few of her friends and relative to it!! She says that everyone that tries this product will instantly fall in love with it, and she is right! You can use to style wet or dry hair, but Josie to use the product on dry hair to finish off a look, to remove frizz, or by applying it on the ends to add some moisture.

Lakme K. Style Top Ten product - Salon Reader's Choice Awards Nominees 2018

Lakme K. Style Top-ten Style-Care balm, 150ml, 26.93$

The most important part of the product according to Josie is the smell; she said that it is absolutely amazing, and that it gives your hair a healthy glow. For Josie, the absolute best part of the product is the quantity required! You only need a small pump per application, so the bottle lasts a long time. She has been using her bottle for at least almost a year and it is still not empty!

boy spraying hairspray on gif

Say goodbye to damages:

Maria was looking for a product to strengthen and repair her hair and she found the miracle product!

Maria’s favorite product is clearly the Kerastraight Ultimate treatment!

Kerastraight product

Maria recently damaged her hair because she bleached it. Maria mentioned that it truly reduced damages and made her hair definitely straighter, shinier, and enhanced its texture. Her hair is now faster to dry, style, and clearly easier to brush after the shower, which is a total plus.  Maria would clearly recommend the product for bleached hair, although the user should be aware that bleached blond hair could change into a yellowish color… Also, following the instructions is essential to have the results wanted as this treatment is slowly building up on the hair.

Overall she absolutely loves it!

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Strong Hair, Don't Care:

Jessica has always been struggling to find THE perfect shampoo for her long, thick hair:

Jessica’s favourite product is the K. therapy active shampoo 1000ml/300ml.

Lakme K. Therapy Shampoo for hair loss

Lakme K. therapy active Hair loss prevention shampoo, 300 ml, 17.93$

She absolutely loves this product because it helps her keep her long hair strong! Another super important point is that she does not lose much hair while using this shampoo compared to other brands she used in the past. To her, this discovery was clearly life-changing!  She loves that it keeps her hair very straight, shiny and smooth all the time, no matter what the humidity level is, which was a true problem before! Last but definitely not least: to her, the smell is for sure a plus as it is really refreshing and the packaging is super slip and easy to handle in the shower. Jessica has been using it for over a month now & she loves it; she would clearly recommend it for long hair!

Black and White Girl washing her hair gif

Andrea has always struggled to find the perfect hair detangle that would not weight her hair down.

First thing First: Hydration:

Andrea always had problem conditioning her hair without weighing it down:

Andrea’s favorite product is L2 from Lakme. It is Andrea’s favorite product because it addresses the needs of all hair type. For her, it made miracles, making her hair shinier, stronger, and eliminated all frizz. Andrea would highly recommend this product for damaged hair as it adds softness. Andrea’s favorite feature is its smell, used after the shower it gives a fresh sent that matches any other smell from other products. Andrea says it is the greatest detangler she used and it could also be used as a conditioner.

L2 Lakme conditioner - Salon Reader's Choice Awards Nominees 2018

Lak 2 Rinse free Conditioner from Lakme, 300 ml, 20.61$

Hope you will find your all times favorite too !!


Bea ;)