Who doesn't like to receive advice? Here are our best professionals hair advice according to experts from the Hair&Beauty industry.

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Our Professionals Advice for the best Hair Styling in Town:

What to do if you have Curly Hair:

  • Tip #1: To loosen your curls, spray a mist of water on your hair and let it dry naturally. You could use the Y. S. Park Pro sprayer that permits to spray the water from any angle! This tool is truly a gem and is super easy to use!

Y.S. Park Pro Sprayer, 4 colors available (grey, pink, red, blue), 31.95$Y.S. Park Pink Sprayer

Tadam, no need to re-wash your hair! This technique will reactivate yesterday's products, so no need to add any extra products onto the hair and it  will NOT weigh your hair down !!

  • Tip #2: You are in a rush and you need to refresh your curls : the key here is to use your hair dryer on cooling mode. After spraying some water onto the hair, send hair from one side of your head to the other with the dryer. It will give your hair some volume and give a new life to your curls.

Don't forget that curly hair are better off with a diffuser ! I strongly recommend using the Babyliss Universal Diffuser, as it adapts to any kind of hair dryer!

Black Babyliss Pro Universal Diffuser

  • Tip #3: If you want the bouncy curls effect, you must use dry shampoo, spray your hair from roots to bottom.

3-in-1 Universal Diffuser, Babyliss Pro, 29.99$

CHI Red Dry Shampoo

CHI's dry shampoo is perfect due to its lighweight and its waterless solution.

CHI's Dry Shampoo, 198 gr, 19.13$

  • Tip #4: The last trick for curly hair: If you tend to move a lot in your sleep and you tried everything in your power to maintain your curls overnight but you miserably fail over and over, open up your eyes because this trick is for you! You will want to do a loose ponytail/bun on the very top of your hair to prevent your curls from becoming frizzy.
  • Tip #5: How to properly curl your hair: You MUST use your curling iron horizontally.

    It will give you more natural looking curls this way!

Our Professionals Advice if you have Thin Hair:

  • Volume is what you want to achieve: this advice is especially for thin and straight hair. To give volume to your hair, the trick is to blowdry your roots while lifting your hair with your fingers. You can also add a root lifting product if you want a long-lasting effect.

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Our Professionals Advice to Properly Dry your Hair:

  • The BIG mistake we all (or most of us) make while blow drying our hair is that we don't dry it completely!! What we don't know is that our hair has to be 100% dry for a blowout to last! It is very important to spend as much time as our hair needs to be fully dry in order not to miss any damp spot for a good and long-lasting result!!!

Our Professionals Advice on How to take care of your hair the Right Way:

  • Scrubs are not valorised enough in the hair industry. We all know how important it is to scrub our face and body on a weekly basis, but rare are the people aware of the importance of (gently) scrubbing your scalp! It permits a better circulation, help eliminate the extra dirt and oil that clog the follicles pores, thus promoting hair growth. Isn't it amazing !!

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How to Properly Wash Your Hair:

  • If you applied too much product onto your hair and don't know how to remove the excess product, the dry shampoo will become your new best friend ! You will want to add some dry shampoo to soak up all the excess product, oil, and dirt. Again, I recommend using the CHI dry shampoo!

 Colored Hair: You Guideline to Follow:

  • If your hair is colored, this trick is for you !! It is a fact that color stays longer on healthy hair. In order to keep your color brighter and shinier as long as possible, don't forget to moisturize your hair daily and to condition weekly with deep moisturizing products!  Lakme Teknia conditioner for colored hair is perfect for moisturizing and keeping the color at its best!

Lakme Teknia Line Color Stay Conditioner

You must also use a shampoo that is specific for colored hair, indeed, I greatly suggest using the Lakme Teknia Color Stay Shampoo.

Teknia Color Stay Conditioner, 100 ml, 10.43$

What to Tell your Stylist To have the Best Results as Possible:

These are the informations you will want to display to your hairdresser to be sure to have the best service as possible:

  • Mention how long you go between washes:

This will help your stylist understand your hair type and he/she will be able to recommend the appropriate products or ingredients according to your hair type. Indeed, they will recommend solutions to your hair problems.

  • Inform your stylist of your workout routine:

Your stylist will want to know what physical activity you practice and how often you exercise. This will give material to your stylist to recommend the appropriate hair color you need (for example: if you do a lot of physical activity, you will take more showers and the color will fade away pretty quick).  Indeed, you will not be recommended a bright color or a dark one like purple or blue if you are a competitive swimmer. These informations will also be useful for your stylist to recommend the appropriate haircut, according to your lifestyle.

  • Don't forget to mention any Past Chemical Treatments:

It is important to let your hair stylist know what kind of treatments you have done to your hair in the past 2 years. This will prevent him from doing a treatment that will further damage your hair or go backwards from what you are trying to do.

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What you don't know but should be knowing:

It exists some different attributes, components that affect how your hair is looking etc.

One of these is the kind of water you have in your shower. If your water is too "hard", which means if your water contains a high quantity of Calcium.  Over the time, it will build up deposits on your hair that will prevent conditioning products to penetrate the strands and actually play its role.

  • Use hair masks before working out and not after. As little knows, when we work out, we sweat and the salt in our sweat will dry out our hair, thus using conditioning agents before working out will permit to seal the moisture in before the salt has the chance from drying the hair out!
  • DON'T pull your hair too tightly: This will only put more tension to your hair and over the time it will make it weaker and weaker and sadly also more prone to breakage! The Salon Club hair slinkies are perfect as they hold the hair perfectly without breaking it!

Salon Club Hair Slinkies (3 per pack), 3.95$three Transparent Slinky Hair Band - Salon Club

  • Almond Oil: the miracle product. Adding a few drops of Almond Oil in some water that you will spray onto your hair will help break down the product residues, will make your hair shinier and cleaner. You will be able to save a few days before having to wash your hair again! It is also really good to help redo your curls.
  • Healthy diet is essential to have healthy hair: you should be eating enough proteins. As hair is composed mainly from keratin, ( a protein), and as hair is considered a "non-essential tissue" you will have to eat enough proteins in order for your hair to receive some! Also, this is something we are not really aware of: we must eat enough iron, as it is "energy" for the hair. This is indeed very important to have a healthy diet to have nice hair growth!

Hope you learned from all these little tricks ! 


Bea ;)