Opportunity of The Year: ABA Revel Show!

Opportunity of The Year: ABA Revel Show!

Check out our gallery pictures with our CEO, Mario, color specialist, Sharon, and representative André!

How exciting it is for us to announce our first ever attendance at the ABA Revel in Beauty Show! This year, the event garnered an impressive 150 plus exhibitors and 18 stage  performers, all congregated in the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. Over the course of April 14th to the following day, attendees could interact with Master Class Educators, sign up for competitions and shop around for new products! Of course we went with full on enthusiasm, showing appreciation for the brands that have been supportive of us over the years, namely YS Park, Lakme and Artego!

Guest Performers

The show could not have been better without the illustrious presence of performers, such as Rob The Original; Philip Wolff; Garland Gwhiz Fox and Cathey Salerno.

Other notable guests also include celebrity stylists Candy Shaw and Tracy Hughes. For those who may not be familiar, Candy is known for her expertise in balayage highlighting as well as hair cutting.  From very early on, she has been immersed in the beauty industry growing up as the daughter of globally renowned stylist Jamison Shaw. Today, she is the owner of 3 salon businesses and works as an educator of balayage painting, passing on her knowledge to aspiring stylists.

Revel Competition

Stylists who were looking to quickly advance their careers had a unique opportunity to showcase their talent! Every year, the ABA invites professionals across the beauty industry to compete under their specialized category. We got to see over 200 barbers, bridal hair stylists, nail technicians, makeup artists, colourists & hair cutters. Previous winners have gained greater recognition for their work and this year's is no different: current winners have already noticed an increase in their clientele since the event!

The Main Floor

As promised, here are some pictures of our booth. We made sure to display our YS Park combs and brushes in the 3 standard colors: black, red and green.

In the pictures above, you can see André standing to the left and our CEO standing to his right. We also showed our Lakme's Chroma color line as well as its Teknia shampoo and conditioner line.

The picture on top, you can see the various brands being showcased on the show. Below you will once again see André and Mario making the 100 sign with their hands, highlighting our motto: "With Lakme's Chroma line, you're guaranteed 100% results". Finally, we also displayed Artego's Touch beauty and spa line. Here is our representative André, along with our CEO Mario.


After thoughts

We were so pleased to meet you all during the event! It was an absolute pleasure and we hope to see you again in future shows; we also cannot wait for new, exciting opportunities that lay ahead! xoxo Nádia.