Night Time Hair Routine

Night Time Hair Routine

Getting your beauty sleep is very important, but could your current night routine be damaging your hair?

When you think of a night routine, what comes to mind? Probably a good face mask, cleanser, serum, cream and toner, but what about your hair? We often pay so much attention to our skin, neglecting another important aspect, such as our hair! Image result for sleeping beauty sleeping gif

Our hair is extremely fragile and can easily break if we don't give it the care it needs. Today we'll go over some steps you might want to include in your night time routine. From hair tricks, choosing the right pillow case and using hair masks, we'll cover different areas to make sure your hair is protected when you sleep.

1. Pillow case dilemma

If you're serious about protecting your hair, then consider investing in a silk pillow case. Although they are on the pricier side, they reduce the amount of pulling on the hair overnight. Silk is a much gentler fabric than cotton as it has smaller fibers so the hair doesn't get caught or pulled when you toss and turn and night. Image result for pillow gif

2.Stop tying your hair up

Although high ponytails and messy buns are super comfortable hair styles, they can definitely damage the hair when slept on. Tying up the hair not only causes tension and strain on the scalp for those 7-12 hours, but it can also create more hair tangles. If having your hair out of your face when you sleep is a must, try braiding your hair instead. Braids strain your hair a lot less and therefore cause very little damage.

3. Scrunchies

If you absolutely need to tie up your hair, trade in the traditional elastics for fabric scrunchies. Traditional elastics tend to pull  more on the hair and can created tension and breakage. Scrunchies on the other hand are safer for the hair, yet will still hold your style. Image result for scrunchies gif

4. Don't sleep on wet hair

Since hair is in its most vulnerable state when wet, you should avoid going to bed without drying it. When you sleep on wet hair, there is a bigger chance of hair breakage from  the tossing and turning you might do in your sleep. You can either let it air dry or use a hairdryer that will prevent frizz. Just remember that if you do plan on using hot tools, you absolutely need to wear some sort of heat protectant.

The Hair Forensic Dryology 1850 Hair Dryer is a great option with the detachable nozzles and tangle free cord. To pair with this dryer, try the KeraStraight Heat Protection Spray. Not only does it protect from thermal heat of hot tools, but it locks in moisture to build body and strength.

HF Dryology 1850 Hair Dryer KeraStraight Heat Protection Spray

5. Overnight masks or treatments.

About twice a month you should consider doing a full overnight hair mask to replenish and dehydrate the hair. Although the hair masks you leave in for 5-10 minutes in the shower are still useful, sometimes your hair needs a bit more attention. A nourishing option is the CHI Farouk Royal Treatment Pearl Complex. This lightweight formula is a leave in treatment contain ingredients such as white truffle and pearl to replenish and reconstruct hair. It also helps to repair split ends to create a smoother and more manageable hair.

CHI Farouk Royal Treatment Pearl Complex 355 (355ml)

7. Brush your hair before bed

Brushing your hair before you go to bed is a great way to ensure that you don't go to sleep with tangles. This then helps to reduce the amount of breakage during the night and reduces the tangles you wake up with. Choosing a paddle brush for your bedtime routine will also help eliminate the tangles.

We recommend the Avanti Ultra Argan & Keratin Brush since it's made with bio-tech bristles technology that has argan oil and vitamin E that promotes shine, gloss and healthy hair.  The Keratin oil also has proteins to strengthen hair and heal any damaged areas.


By making a couple changes to your hair routine and incorporating some new steps, you'll be able to better protect your hair. These additions will help prevent breakages that you can grow and maintain long, strong and healthy hair. So get your beauty sleep and make sure you protect your hair at night!

xoxo, Leah