It's Q&A tiiime!

As we all like to receive answers to our questions, here are the answers to our most frequently asked questions.

Q&A 1.) Do hair extensions damage the hair?

Hair extensions damages depend of the hair type. If you have thick hair, extensions will not be a problem. To avoid damaged and broken hair tips, due to the heat, you should do a deep nourishing treatment about one month prior to getting extensions.

When you have your extensions on, you should completely avoid products with silicon and with natural oil in order to avoid any damages.

Q&A 2.) How often should we wash our hair?

To determine the frequency of our weekly shampoos, we should take into account two main criterias.  1) the type of hair, 2) physical activity.

Hair type:

If you have curly hair, it is naturally dry, which means you need to wash your hair less often. Although if your hair is thin, it tends to get greasier way faster!

Physical Activity:

If you do a lot of sport or if the weather of the country where you live in is very warm, it tends to increase the sweating. You should prioritize dry shampoos and wash your hair about 2 to 3 times a week and NOT everyday as it strips your hair from its natural, protecting oils!

Q&A 3.) How to avoid white hair:

White hair are inevitable, but by having a healthy lifestyle, we can avoid  getting premature white hair. You should favor food rich in antioxidant, as well as avoiding stress. To do so you should prioritize self-care time, sports, etc.

As stress is harmful for our health overall, it is also harmful for our hair. Chronic stress cause inflammation and this inflammation can lead to a reduction in melanin production of the hair (that colors the hair) as well as reducing the hair growth.

Indeed, you should develop techniques to reduce your stress which will help you overall health as well as your hair health!

Q&A 4.) How to dry your hair without damaging them?

Use hair protector, either in spray or in cream, to avoid drying your hair out. Use a high quality dryer, so you can decide which heat and power you want to use. On already damaged hair, do not use too much heat as it will damage your hair even more!

Q&A 5.) Should we exfoliate our scalp?

Exfoliating your scalp is not for everyone, if you have a sensitive scalp, do not use it !

Exfoliating your scalp permits to eliminate all impurities such as dandruffs , as well as stimulating the microcirculation of the scalp.

This technique should not be overused and should be utilised around one or two times a month. An overuse of exfoliation can make your hair greasier and fragilize the scalp.

hope this little guide helped you!


Bea ;)