What can I say about the 2019 Met Ball?

Let's start with: W.O.O.O.O.O.O.W... What a whole lot of Extravagenza, imagination and colors !

Lady Gaga in a pink extravagant dress at the 2019 Met Gala

The costumes and the entertainment were truly unreal and  beyond my expectations!  Let's be real, with this this year's theme I  was didn't really know what to expect...

Can we please take a moment to appreciate Gaga's usual ingenuity and boldness. Once again, she found a way to impress the world and stand out, she had not only one costume like everyone else but nothing less than four!

2019 Hairstyle Highlights:

In this whirlwind of XXL eyelashes, far-fetched accessories, and eye catching makeup, I noticed two main hair trends.

The first BIG trend is... (clue: the word "big" says it all !)

BIG Volume:

That's right, it's the extremely voluminous hairstyle was particularly on trend this year. Featured on frizzy hair, curly hair as well as straight hair, it is perfect Ciara, Lily Collins and Dua Lipa (among others) wore it to the perfection.

The 2019 Met Gala Celebrating Camp: Notes on Fashion - Arrival

Isn't it gorgeous ? Ciara's look just blew everyone's mind !

It was something to be expected as "BIG volume" is one of 2019 spring-summer main trend.

How to copy this look:

  • DO: Straight hair edition:

The first step towards getting the extra volume you are looking for is Shampoo. You will want to start by washing your hair with a volumizing shampoo such as Volup Shampoo from Sebastian. It cleans and thickens your hair  without leaving any unnecessary weight or residue while delivering an exceptional volume.

Then, if you are the kind of person who CANNOT live without conditioner, you will want to use the Paul Mitchell's Extra Body Daily Rinse conditioner. It contains a special combination of wheat derived ingredients that helps prevent blow drying caused damages while thickening and adding extra volume to the hair.

The next step in this volume-seeking journey is blow drying. To maximize the results you will need a high quality drying brush such as Avanti's Large Charcoal and Ceramic Brush. 

You will also want to use CHI's Volume Booster, no need for explanation the name itself says it all ! This product helps you style the voluminous desired look.

Depending on your hair type, you can combine the Volume Booster with a root lifter product to maximize the volume. In this case, I would highly recommend Wella's EIMI Root Shoot Precise Root Mousse.

Sebastian Volupt shampooPaul Mitchell - Extra Body Daily Rinse CHI Volume Booster WELLA Root Shoot

  • DON'T: Straight hair edition:

You will definitely want to avoid using heavy conditioner, lotion or serums as they will cancel the desired volume effect. They will weigh the hair down and  do the opposite effect instead.

Remember that the more product you add to your hair, the heavier it will get and the harder it will be to give them volume.

Girl Spraying Hair Spray in a Musical

  • DO: Curly hair edition:

Once again, you will want to use volumizing shampoos and conditioners to prepare the curls. Well, JOICO has you covered as it's Curl Co-Wash Whipped Cleansing conditioner is a shampoo AND a conditioner! This product is truly perfect as it hydrates your hair while limiting the amount of products you put in it !!

Let's remember that a voluminous curly hair is a  healthy hair meaning that hair care should be your priority #1 if it's not already the case. This being said, if you suffer from damaged hair, you will want to use Babyliss Pro's Argan Oil Curl Cream as the Argan Oil is the key for highly hydrated hair ! It will leave your curls bouncier, shiner, and more defined.

The most important step is the styling creams and gels choice ! I personally highly recommend the LAKME's k.style Curl Activator gel. I love it as it always make my curls perfectly defined.

Joico Co+Wash Curl Babyliss Pro Argan Oil Curl Cream Lakme K. Style Curl Action

Least but not last, you will want to to dry your hair using a diffuser. You will want to dry your hair with your head upside down and touch your hair the less possible.

Finally, my last piece of advice would be to take your time and not rush the process in order to have perfectly defined and voluminous curls.

  • Don't: Curly hair edition:

If you have curly hair I may only hope you already know this but you absolutely want to avoid brushing your hair when it is dry otherwise you will end up looking like young Hermione and you definitely do NOT want that.

Young Hermione


The second hairstyle that was super fashionable and popular was the XXL ponytail. Were not expecting that ? So was I , but I absolutely LOVE IT, I would immediately enter the XXL Ponytail cult if there were one.

The ones that decided to rock this look and made it forever iconic were Tessa Thompson, Indya Moore, Ashley Graham, and Liza Koshy (among others).

2019 Met Gala Arrival - Camp Notes

The irresistible Tessa Thompson made quiet an impression at the Met ball with her bold hairstyle.

How to copy this look:

  • DO:

The XXL Ponytail look is quiet easy to achieve, you will want to use hair extensions from Hair Treats for it, your choice will depend on the length you want to achieve.

you might also want to imitate Kylie Jenner's Easter's look. You will then need accessories to decorate your hair and give a more personal touch to your hairstyle.

Kylie Jenner with a long ponytail with hair accessories

Hope you enjoyed this review as much as I did doing it !!

Now time for you to have a blast recreating these styles ;)


Bea ;)