Goodbye Summer and hello Fall

With the first day of Fall happening only a couple days ago, it is now officially acceptable to be ordering the infamous Pumpkin spiced latte at Starbucks! But the PSL (Pumpkin spiced latte) is not everyone's cup of tea.

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Today we'll be discussing 4 types of people in Fall, the drink that best represents their personality and how this fall drink can inspire your next hair color! So if you want your hair to match your favorite Fall drink, just keep on reading.

The idea of Fall can bring up so many different emotions, so today I have broken it down to 4 types of people in fall, their associated drinks to inspire a new hair color change for the season.

1. That person who just LOVES fall

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Some people get a little bit too excited for Summer to be over. Even before the official last day of Summer, you'll see them on the streets in their chunky knit sweaters, booties and a pumpkin spice latte in hand. Their love for Fall is so grand, that themed drinks like the limited time PSL at Starbucks is the Fall drink that best represents them.

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The creamy caramel burnt orange color of the PSL could be a great new shade to try this season. The warm undertones and subtle touch of color is the perfect way to celebrate your love for Fall. But if you don't want to commit to being a full-time ginger, try a Lakme hair gloss. it is a gentle semi-permanent shade that goes over your natural hair color without ammonia. With over 20 shades you are sure to find the perfect copper blonde shade to match this pumpkin drink!

2. The person who doesn't want Summer to end

On the flip side, some people hold on to Summer for as long as they can. Even when the first day of fall arrives, they refuse to give up their shorts and sandals. For these people, a refreshing cold apple cider punch is probably the drink that best fits their attitude towards fall. Although it has Autumn flavors such as apple, serving it over ice with some fresh fruit in mason jars can still keep the Summer vibe!

Keeping with the lighter color of this drink, you should try some golden blonde highlights to keep the Summer fun during Fall. Since lightening your hair requires bleach and can leave your hair damaged, it is important to use a protecting system. Use CHI Ionic Color Protector System 1 Shampoo and System 2 Conditioner to nourish you hair and protect the color!

3. The person who can't wait for Christmas

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Did you know that Christmas is only 92 days away? It's not that I have anything against Fall, but Winter is what excites me! Some people, like me, can't wait for Halloween and Thanksgiving to be over so that the Christmas decorations can go up. If you are also like that, then your perfect fall drink is probably a hot chocolate! It's the perfect blend of Fall and Winter.

To mimic this rich chocolate drink, try a deep brown hair color this Fall! Brown can sometimes look dull, so in order to keep its brilliance try the formula from CHI's Ionic Permanent Shine Hair Color. To achieve this look try the shade "Medium Chocolate Mocha Brown." 

4. That person who goes with the flow

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Some people aren't bothered by the change of season and don't really have an opinion, which is totally okay. These people might jump on and off Fall trends, but never get overly excited about Fall. They don't love Fall, but they also don't hate it either. If you are kind of ambivalent about Autumn, the chai latte is perfect for you. The chai latte is available all year round, and isn't necessarily a specific drink tied to this season.

For this drink, try a cool toned beige/blonde balayage. When going blonde, it's always important to remember to use a purple based shampoo to prevent hair from becoming brassy. LAKME's ultra violet shampoo is perfect to keep your blonde looking ashy and to regain hair softness.

Whether you like Fall or not, trying a new hair color is always fun! Let us know what color you're going to try this season.