If you think all shampoos are the same, you need to read ahead. Everyone's hair is different and requires different care, which means you need to inform yourself on which shampoo is best for you!

We know, we know; the selection is overwhelming given that there are hundreds of different types of shampoos! By identifying your hair type and your hair color, you will be able to narrow down to the perfect shampoo for your hair! Hint: they're all Paraben free, PEG-free and Mineral oil free!

Keep reading for your shampoo-match made in heaven...


Before finding your perfect shampoo, it's important to know your hair type! Do you have fine air? Thin hair? Damaged hair? Frizzy hair? Coarse hair? Medium-coarse hair? Colored hair? Blonde? Brunette? Red hair? Silver? Black?

Acknowledging the above will assist you in choosing the perfect Lakme shampoo!

If you are unsure of what your hair type is, read I Had NO Idea What My Hair Type Was - UNTIL NOW before you read the following.


If You Have Color-Treated Hair: Color-Stay Protective Shampoo

Lakme offers a Color-Stay product line which includes conditioner, treatment AND shampoo! Because it is formulated with an acid pH, the cuticles close and are protected from external attack. The active antioxidant extracted from sunflower seeds specifically protects color-treated hair from the sun, in which losing color. The Color-Stay Protective Shampoo is a gentle cleanser; the hair cuticle is closed and the pigment of hair color is prolonged due to its acid pH. This shampoo is for you if you colored your hair and want to wash it with something that isn't aggressive while keeping the color. The nice, herbal scent is an added bonus.

Active agents: Sunflower seeds, Cationic polymer of vegetable origin (seeds of the Indian Guar Bean)


If You have Copper Colored Hair: Lakme's Ultra Copper Shampoo

This shampoo is made up of Saffron Oil from Oceania,  which compensates color loss. Like the Color-Stay Shampoo, the Ultra-Copper Shampoo gently cleanses while recovering your copper color and enriching your highlights. It also makes your hair super soft. This shampoo gives you a brighter and more intense orange, and allows for you to use less per shampoo. You'll have people convinced that you just returned from the salon after using this shampoo!

Active agents: Saffron Oil from Oceania, Cationic polymer of vegetable origin (seeds of the Indian Guar Bean), Cationic colorants


If You Have Mahogany & Red Colored Hair: Lakme's Ultra Red Shampoo

The Ultra Red Shampoo is great because it intensifies one's colored hair or NATURAL red hair. This magical shampoo is formulated with extract of coralline, an algea with a high calcium content and good hydration properties. Coralline prevents the loss of color, intensifies the color and supplies needed nutrients to achieve soft hair. This shampoo should definitely be your frequent-use shampoo since you want to prevent any fading of your red color. For someone who colors their hair red, this shampoo is a great tool to maintain the vibrancy and shine without having to do frequent visits to the salon.

Active agents: Coralline extract, Cationic polymer of vegetable origin (seeds of the Indian Guar Bean), Cationic colorants

Read for more information on red and copper colored hair here: Blondes Have All The Fun? We Say REDHEADS Do!


If You Have Brown Colored Hair: Lakme's Ultra Brown Shampoo

The Ultra Brown Shampoo is made to protect and prolong your brown color-treated hair. Because it is formulated with cocoa extract, an ingredient with antioxidant properties, your brown hair will be protected from UV rays and environmental stress.  Shine will be restored, thanks to this magical shampoo, and make you brown hair softer than ever before. It is recommended to use this shampoo once or twice a week only, for it could dry out your hair with frequent usage. This shampoo is also great for camouflaging those pesky grays!

Active agents: Cocoa extract, Cationic polymer of vegetable origin (seeds of the Indian Guar Bean), Cationic colorants


If You Have Violet Colored Hair: Lakme's Ultra Violet Shampoo

Those of you who color your hair violet, pink, magenta, blue... or any other color within the violet family, this shampoo is literally made for you: the Ultra Violet Shampoo is designed to freshen up your violet-colored hair, while recovering its shine and highlights. This shampoo will give you softer, more vibrant and manageable hair. Your coloring will be prolonged since the shampoo absorbs itself in the hair, keeping the brassiness from showing. Here's a little tip: shampoo it on slightly damp hair, tie it up into a bun and leave it on for an hour! This will allow for your hair to truly absorb the shampoo.

Active agents: Lavender flowers, Cationic polymer of vegetable origin (seeds of the Indian Guar Bean), Cationic colorants


If You Have Natural Blonde or White Hair: Lakme's Ultra Clair Shampoo

Being a natural blonde, you want a shampoo that will tone but also eliminate yellow tones and prevent the appearance of unwanted warm tones - right?  Lakme's Ultra Clair Shampoo is designed to revives purity and the shine of your natural hair! This shampoo is really perfect for blonde and white hair because it keeps the brassy tones out, while leaving your hair with a platinum blonde finish. Not only is the shampoo smell amazing, but it will leave you hair looking silver, instead of grey.

Active agents: Mother-of-pearl extract, Cationic polymer of vegetable origin (seeds of the Indian Guar Bean)


If You Have Golden Blonde Hair: Lakme's Ultra Gold Shampoo

For all you goldilocks out there, Lakme's Ultra Gold Shampoo is for you! This shampoo willd freshen up that golden hair of yours by recovering its shine and the richness of your highlights! Unlike the Ultra Clair, Ultra Gold is designed to enhance the golden color in your blonde hair, rather than give it a platinum blonde finish. It also gives your hair a fresh, clean feeling after usage!

Active ingredients: Amber extract,Cationic polymer of vegetable origin (seeds of the Indian Guar Bean), Cationic colorants


If You Have Curly Hair: Lakme's Curl Up Shampoo

Curly hair requires very detailed care, which is why Lakme created a shampoo designed to specifically moisturize curly hair, prolong the curl's definition and its bounce: the Curl Up Shampoo. The Curl Up Shampoo is also a savior when it comes to frizzy hair! Maintaining curly hair is already a challenge in itself; the Curl Up Shampoo will make your life easier - trust us.

Active agents: Honey, Cationic polymer of vegetable origin (seeds of the Indian Guar Bean)


If You Have Straight or Frizzy Hair: Lakme's Straight Shampoo

Just when you thought Lakme didn't think of you - they did. In fact, they have a whole line for straight hair! Lakme's Straight Shampoo is perfect for smoothing straight hair and frizz control. The Straight Shampoo is for anyone who has naturally straight hair or anyone after they've gone through a technical straightening process. Your hair will be left smooth, shiny and easy to comb!

Active agents: Meadowfoam, Cationic polymer of vegetable origin (seeds of the Indian Guar Bean)


If You Have Fine or Brittle Hair: Lakme's Body Maker Shampoo

The Body Maker Shampoo is a volumizing shampoo designed specifically to give your fine hair some volume and body. It strengthens the hair's fiber from the inside and improves resistance to breakage. This shampoo does not dry  out your hair and leaves  hair light and manageable. It also has a nice scent!

Active agents: Keratin from wheat, Volumizing resin


If You Have Dry or Damaged Hair: Lakme's Deep Care Shampoo

The purpose of the Deep Care Shampoo is to restore softness and natural moisture levels, while deeply nourishing dry or brittle hair. This shampoo is considered a 'deep care treatment' and smells wonderful. Other benefits include preventing hair loss and itchy scalps!

Active agents: Abyssinian Oil (rich in Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids), Ceramides


If You Have Sun-Damaged Hair: Lakme's Sun Care Shampoo

If you're someone who is exposed to the sun frequently, or if you're going on a hot vacation, Lakme's Sun Care Shampoo is highly recommended! This shampoo acts as a protectant and sun-repair. It gently removes chlorine and seawater residues, while providing high moisture and treatment levels. It also makes your hair look healthier and shinier!

Active agents: Monoï de Tahiti, UV Filter, Cationic polymer of vegetable origin (seeds of the Indian Guar Bean)


If You Need A Deep Cleanse: Lakme's Extreme Cleanse Shampoo

If you style your hair with many products, you might want to give your hair a nice, deep cleaning to get all the product out. Lakme's Extreme Cleanse Shampoo will do just that! This shampoo isn't over drying, leaving your scalp feeling fresh and clean for days after only one use. The recommended frequency of usage is once or twice a week, for this is a very deep cleansing shampoo.

Active agents: Fruit acids and green tea, Menthol


For All Hair Types: Lakme's Gentle Balance Shampoo

Lakme's Gentle Balance Shampoo is golden for frequent shampooings; it's not aggressive, it prevents moisture loss and dehydration,  respects color and has antioxidant properties! What's not to love? Not only is it paraben-free, PEG-free and Mineral oil free like all the other shampoos, but it's also sulfate-free! This product makes your hair healthy, silky, shiny, and easy to style.

Active agents: Organic açai extract, Moisturizing complex derived from beetroot extract


You're officially ready to make an informed decision as to which shampoo is your destined shampoo-match-made-in-heaven!

You don't have to apply to only ONE shampoo - you can apply to several, depending on what type of cleanse you need at a moment in time.

Try out these awesome Lakme shampoos and let us know which one you can't live without!