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What is Kerastraight?

Kerastraight is a 10 years old British company that creates A-MA-ZING repairing hair products and treatments. The founder, Jez Barnett was raised in a hair-dresser family and has over 30 years of experience in this field. He decided to create kerastraight to give his clients the most beautifully conditioned, easy to manage hair!

Kerastraight offers a lot of different products but their flagship product is the ultimate treatment.

The Kerastraight ultimate treatment:

It is a high quality repair and smoothing treatment. This long lasting product has many steps to follow, but done carefully, the results are truly amazing !

Here are the steps to follow:

Step 1:

Wash your hair two times with the pre-treatment cleanser.

For very curly hair, resistant and afro-caribbean hair, you should let the shampoo in your hair and put a cap on to cover it for 5 minutes. This will permit the treatment to penetrate better and to have a better result in the end.

Rinse the shampoo carefully.

Step 2:

Next, you should comb through the hair and analyze it. You should look for the strength of the curls, weak and dry areas ... 

Step 3:

Following this, you will apply the pre-treatment spray. Section your hair in 3-4 cm sections and comb through. You want to apply the spray evenly to prepare correctly the hair for the treatment. You will spray the product about 0.5 cm from the roots.

Step 4:

Now, your hair is ready for the treatment.

Mix in a bowl the Ultimate treatment and the booster, before application. The quantities added depends on your type of hair. You will need 40ml for short hair, 80 ml for medium-length hair, and 100 ml for long hair.

Apply generously in 2-3 cm sections onto the hair, using a brush.

Step 5:

This step is very important for the overall process. The sink-in time. You will cover the hair with a plastic cap to retain the moist and let the treatment act. Once again, the duration of this process varies according to the type of hair. For porous and fragile hair, it is about 30 minutes. For normal, resistant, virgin, and afro-caribbean hair, it is about 45 minutes.

Step 6:

The next step is to rinse the product. you will rinse the extra quantity you applied, you do not want to completely rinse the treatment off.

Then do a quick dry to remove the excess moisture.

Step 7:

This is probably THE most important step of the entire process. You will have to flat iron all your hair in small strands. First, divide you hair in 2-3 cm sections and flat iron it, between 6 to 8 times, depending (once again) on the type of the hair.

TADAAAAM, the treatment is finish ;)

You can do this treatment after 4 months. You cannot apply this treatment too often or it will damage your hair.

Where to do it?

Some salons and hairdressers can associate with kerastraight and deliver the perfect service. Hairdressers have to follow a formation about how to use kerastraight products and deliver the best service as possible.

The treatment takes about 2 to 4 hours, depending on the hair type.

But What is in It ?

The ultimate treatment uses multiple protein technologies to repair, straighten and smooth the hair.As the hair is mainly made of Keratin, this treatment is greatly composed of Keratin.

Also, the low pH of 2.5 makes the hair mostly ionic which blocks the hair from forming a curl. Finally, this change in states creates the resistant to humidity.

The treatment contains proteins like Carbocysteine, Hydrolyzed Keratin & Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein that are created of small molecules, allowing them to diffuse rapidly into the cuticle & cortex to react with the hair Keratin.

What makes the treatment unique is : KS Complex, a compound of African and Amazonian fruit & plant extracts. It help keep the treatment sealed in to give a better performance, result, and longevity.

But be careful, once you start, there is no coming back. Kerastraight is addictive. ;)


Bea :)