Big Bang Theory returns for it's final season!

The day has finally come, the 12th and final season of one of the most watched television series. In honor of the season premiere, we will be looking at Kaley Cuoco's, aka Penny's hair transition. She was able to somehow skip the awkward phases as she cut her long blonde hair into a pixie and then grew it out again.

Many people are too scared to go for this shorter style, as maintaining and growing it out after can be a styling nightmare.  However Cuoco made this transition so gracefully! Today we will be discussing tips and tricks to effortlessly pass the stages of growing out short hair.  

1. Get it trimmed

The one thing you DON'T want to do when trying to grow out a pixie is to just let it grow. You read right, in order to skip those awkward stages, you need to allow your hair to have shape by constantly getting small trims. Letting it grow indefinitely will produce a bulky and shapeless style.

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In one Glamour article, Cuoco's stylist Christine Symonds shared that "The trick to growing out Kaley's pixie has been trimming the back of her hair every so often to let the front and sides catch up" (Glamour 2017).

2. Texture spray

Creating texture and movement in the hair is also important to ensure short hair looks it's best. Getting volume and a tousled look will help to mask the awkward length as the hair grows out. Products such as texture sprays, sea salt spray and volume mousses will really help to give your hair shape.

We recommend the CHI Texturizing Spray which has a flexible and buildable formula. It will add body to the hair without weighing it down. Another option is the Paul mitchell Wild Ginger Sea Spray. It won Allure's Best of beauty award in 2017. This product creates the illusion of beautifully tousled, beachy waves and adds mega volume!

Adding this extra texture and movement will help to mask  bad hair days and help you look fierce even when your hair is in the in between stages.

3. Accessories

Another way to have a smooth transition is to take advantage of hair accessories. I'm not saying to use 20 bobby pins or clips, but pinning back a couple sections or using a scarf or headband could make for a very elegant look.

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4. Moisturize your hair

In order to help quicken the regrowth of your hair, it is important to keep it hydrated and supply it with protein. Products such as moisture-based shampoo and conditioners will help to keep the hair looking smooth.

Try the LAKME K.Therapy BioArgan Hydrating Pack. This set comes with a moisturizing shampoo, hair mask and argan oil to keep your hair feeling soft and velvety. Another great product is the Hair treats  Intense conditioner as it contains wheat proteins and amino acids which help with hair repair and regrowth. 

5. Layers

In the very early stage of growing out a pixie, try adding some small layers to give your hair natural movement. When using this technique it's important not to cut off too much hair, but adding very subtle layers will make the transition of growing out your hair more seamless. Layers are also a lot more forgiving when styling your hair.

If you're trying to grow out a short haircut, we hope this helps! And don't forget to watch the season premiere of The Big Bang Theory tonight to see what hairstyle Penny has now!

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