The 7 New Instagram Hair Trends!

The 7 New Instagram Hair Trends!

Let's all agree that Instagram is a great invention! Whenever seeking for new Hair trends, instagram is often our major source of inspiration. Instagram is perfect for the trendiest hairstyles, new fashion ideas, and the latest makeup tricks.

To sup up, Instagram is clearly a goldmine and an incubator for all the new trends !

New Instagram Trends: Our Festivals Selection

Summer is here, and so are festivals! Who says festivals means it's your time to shine (literally) ! Our absolute favorite hair festival trend is the glitter hair! Even thought this trend has been around for a bit, it still never gets old!

You can even make it crazier by adding glitter barrettes or accessories to the style! The more extravagant, colorful, and eye-catching the look is, the better!

You can realise this look by adding some hairspray to your hair and then applying some sparkles on the wanted areas of your hair.

Instagram Craziest Hair Trend: The Unicorn Hair!

Another very interesting and fun trend is the unicorn hair!

You should follow this famous canadian hair colorist-instagrammer,Kelly O'Leary-Woodford. You can find her under the username of hairbymisskellyo if you are in need of color inspiration or if you just want to brighten up your day! her crazy colorations are to die for, so well created, and very artistic!

Just judge by yourself!

New Instagram Hair Trends: The Summer Color selection!

So after the grey and lilac trends, now is the turn of warm colors to be in the spotlight!

Coral is officially the new lilac, and everyone wants it this season!

Instagram New Hair Trends: Queen B inspired...

Queen B is our model in so many ways, but let's be real, her hair (just like her music) is always a source of inspiration! Whenever she adopts a new look (first, it is always to die for) and everyone will want it (and will get it ;)) !!!

Her latest hair transformation was to dye her hair in a soft brown hair color brightened up by some face-framing blonde highlights. It is absolutely gorgeous and this look  definitely has its place in our Instagram summer hair trends selection.

Instagram New Hair Trends: Let's stock up on Accessories!

Once again, the more colorful and extravagant, the better! Don't forget, summer is the time to be seen!

Transforming your hair into a flower pot has become a popular (and unexpected) trend as well ! We don't really know why though , but we like it!

It's a fairly easy look to realise, you just have to add some flowers to your updo.

New Instagram Hair Trends: Shower time, all the time:

I think that the weirdest trend I have seen so far is the bath leisure.

You are confused as well?! Well, it consists of having a towel on top of your hair as a hair "ornament". It is obviously very unusual but very fashionable at the same time!

New Instagram Hair Trends: The Emoji Hair!

This trend consist of taking a picture and covering your hair on the picture with emojis to add some color and accessories to the style.

New Instagram Hair Trends: The Baby Hair:

It all started with baby hairs, by styling them around the forehead to add a little plus to the hairstyle. Finally, one thing following another, it lead to this...

It is for sure very artistic and we enjoy the art behind it.. But will we do it for a night out ? this subject is still debated !

New Instagram Hair Trends: Square Head!

Last but definitely not least, the square haircut!

We don't know where it comes from but we fore sure like it ! This very edgy haircut could not fit everyone but if you want to stand out, this is the occasion to do so!

Judge by yourself !

Hope this little selection of our summer favorites helped you decide on your next festival hairstyle (or at least entertained you)!!


Bea :)