How to Style Your New Sleek Bob

How to Style Your New Sleek Bob

The blunt bob is a true classic haircut that never really goes out of style, and keeps coming back with minor changes every few seasons. For 2022, the bob ‘du jour’ is sleek and razor-sharp. The latest example? Kim Kardashian and her platinum shoulder-skimming hair, ultra-smooth and shiny. Now, other than the perfect haircut, the first step to maintaining this ultra-glam and polished look is making sure hair is super healthy and strong.

Hair Masks to the Rescue!

If you remember your hairstylist’s recommendations in the salon, to have the healthiest, shiniest hair, you need to use the right products that will nourish it. Masks do just that! They help moisturize hair and are especially beneficial for dry, damaged or frizzy hair — particularly useful when you use a lot of hot tools to style your hair. You can think of hair masks as a type of high-powered hair conditioner. And they do, in fact, share similar benefits. Some of them even help improve the health of the scalp and boost the strength of the hair.

If you want the ultimate hair treat, choose a mask formulated with protein which will strengthen fine, weak and damaged hair. By creating a virtual protein net, the KeraStraight Protein Mask leaves it super shiny, much stronger, and incredibly soft to the touch. Basically, everything you want in a super glam sharp bob that will kick ass on your selfies, TikTok and even IRL!

The Best Blowout

To create that ultra-smooth, glass hair that moves with you but has that highly intense mirror shine, your BFF is a hair dryer like the IQ Perfetto from Gama Professional. It’s so amazing even Goop (you know, Gwyneth Paltrow’s wellness and lifestyle brand, website and ecommerce properties) and Oprah Daily have featured the beauty device in their gift giving guides and hairstyling tips articles for the 2022 Holiday season.

A boar bristle paddle brush will help you smooth out the hair even more — and crush any flyaways —. The greatest thing about the IQ Perfetto hair dryer is that it’s the lightest and most powerful hair dryer in the world. Translation: Your hair will dry 30% faster than with any other dryer on the market. Think of it like having at the tips of your fingers the hair tool pro hairstylists use when they do fashion shows, photoshoots, and in their own salons.

To finish off your perfect bob, just add a finishing spray mist for dazzling shine. And off you go! Catsuit optional…

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