Unruly Hair be Gone!

Do you struggle with hair that just won't stay in place? Or hair that stays to one side and won't flip over no matter how much hairspray you use?

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If your answer is yes, then you might have what's called a "cowlick" or sometimes referred to as a "swirl." Cowlicks are essentially stubborn hair, usually at the front of your hairline or the back of your head that grow in the opposite direction of the rest of your hair. No matter how hard you try to flip over, it eventually falls back to it's original placement. If you want to find out how to camouflage these stubborn strand just keep on reading. 

Blow-dry trick

This is probably one of the most common methods of controlling a cowlick. Although it doesn't work for everyone, it's a good place to start to determine how strong your cowlick actually is. This method is all about tricking your hair and confusing the direction that it naturally falls.

Begin with wet hair and blow dry your hair first in the direction of the cowlick for about 10 seconds. Then switch the direction of the hair and start drying it that way. Continue this process until your hair is fully dry. It will also help to use a round brush when blow-drying so that the hair takes on a more natural form.

If you're in need of a round brush, try the argan heat large 2.5 circular thermal brush. It's infused with argan and ceramic powder in the nylon bristles to smooth and close hair cuticles.


Straighten the root

For really stubborn hair that just won't budge, using heat from a flatiron should set it in its place. Although we don"t recommend this everyday since heat can damage your hair, you want to iron as close as you can to the root to straighten out the cowlick.

A good flatiron is the Baby Croc since it's miniature travel size makes it easy  to tame cowlicks and fly away hair.

Baby Croc

Gel and comb?

Another option is to use gel when your hair is wet, and to comb it out as you blow-dry it. To start off you'll need a strong hair gel. We recommend the Lakme K.Style X-Treme Ultra Strong Gel since it's long lasting and humidity resistant. It also washes out easily and won't flake during the day.

LAKME K.Style X-Treme Ultra Strong Gel 150 ml

Once you put some gel on the cowlick area, you'll need to start blow-drying it on low heat and using a fine comb to help style the cowlick to your liking. You can even add clips to hold it down when blow drying and then finish off with some hairspray.

If gel isn't your thing, try a strong holding cream. The DFI extreme hold styling cream has such a strong hold that will keep the style in place all day and night. It can be a good alternative to gel and is great for times you're in a rush out the door.


Clip it away before sleeping

Using clips that don't cause dents is also a great way to try and control your cowlick. The trick here is to place the hair how you want it, spray a bit of light hairspray that won't leave your hair feeling crunchy. Then place the clips to secure the hair down and sleep on it overnight.  This should allow you to wake up with tamed hair.

If you have a cowlick, we hope this information helps you! Shoutout to Jane for asking for an article about cowlicks. Let us know on our Instagram what kinds of topics you'd like to see.