Now here is the million dollar question: How can we get our hair to grow long, thick, and fast?

Some people are blessed genetically with long healthy locks, and for others, it may require a bit more work. Although we can't guarantee your hair will magically grow over night, the tips we share today will help with your hair health and promote hair growth.

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1.Regular trims

I'm sure this is not the information you want to hear when growing out your hair. However small trims do actually help the health of your hair. Trimming off the split ends before they can break further up along the strand will prevent having to chop off larger amounts later on. These small trims will stop the breakage from spreading so that your hair appears healthier as it grows out. Try cutting 1/8 or 1/4 of an inch off every 2-3 months.

2. Minimize the shampoo

When trying to grow out your hair, try to minimize the amount of times you shampoo. Since shampoo is meant to wash away any dirt or build up on your head, it also has the ability to strip away the natural oil that your scalp produces. These oils help to keep your hair soft and healthy, so only rub the shampoo on your roots versus lathering from root to tip.

3. Conditioner is your best friend

Using conditioner will help to preserve the ends of your hair. It's meant to replace lipids and proteins while sealing the cuticle to stop future damage. This is essential for growing longer and healthier hair, as a good conditioner will help reduce hair breakage.

The Lakme K. Therapy repair conditioning fluid is a conditioner specifically made for dry and damaged hair. It contains ingredients to restore lipids back into the hair as well as Acqua-Oil Complex, Babassu Oil, and Macadamia Oil for hydration.


4.Cold showers

So this might be a bit more difficult in the Winter, but rinsing your hair very quickly with cold water has been said to help grow longer hair. The cold water helps to seal cuticles so that less moisture is lost. Similarly, if you use water that is too hot, this can dry out the hair and create more damage. By no means am I saying to take cold showers and potentially catch the flue from doing so, but if your goal is to grow strong hair, then be mindful of the shower temperature.

5. No more towels!

Another way to prevent hair breakage is to stop using a towel to dry your hair after the shower. Your hair is at it's most vulnerable state when wet, and the woven fibers in towels can easily weaken and break hair strands. Try using thin microfiber towels or even a tshirt to dry your hair instead.

6. Don't brush wet hair

As mentioned in the last tip, wet hair is extremely vulnerable and prone to breakage. Therefore brushing hair that's wet is a big no! Pulling on the wet hair strands to detangle it is just asking to pull out half of your head. If you must brush it, use a comb and brush the ends of your hair first and then move upwards. Brushing the ends first will also prevent  bigger knots from forming when brushing the hair from root to tip.


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7. Hair masks or oil

Hair masks or oils should be used weekly to ensure that your hair stays hydrated. Some options to consider are the One N Only Essentials Awapuhi intensive treatment.  This hair mask is silicone-free and delivers intense nourishment to reconstruct and repair dry and damaged hair. It contains awapuhi extract, quinoa and keratin proteins that prevent breakage which helps to grow stronger and healthier hair.



In terms of oil, the Joico K-Pak Color Therapy Restorative Oil is an effective option. This product contains argan oil, manketti, and evening primrose oils to keep your hair looking its healthiest. Not only does it prevent color fade, but it also heals damaged hair to prevent more breakage.

8. Silk pillow case

To avoid tangles and further breakage, switch over your cotton pillowcase for a silk or satin one. Silk and satin materials have a softer surface that reduce the amount of friction between your hair and the pillow case. This will ensure that fewer tangles occur.

Before starting this hair growth journey, it's important to note that hair naturally takes time to grow out. It's been said that the hair can grow a maximum of  1/2 inch every month! So don't get discouraged if these tips aren't showing results after the first couple of weeks. Good luck on this hair journey!
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