Quick & Easy Braided Bun

Now I'm no hair or beauty guru, however I do like trying out cute hairstyles. From fishtail, dutch and french braided styles, I think playing with different hairstyles and textures so fun. These small details can really pull together any outfit.

So today I'm so excited to be sharing a fun and simple braided bun look. For this style, I borrowed my lovely friend Jane to be my hair model. For this mini tutorial, I'll be showing you the steps I used along with the hair products to achieve the look.

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1.Brush out

So the first thing that I did with Jane's hair was brush it out using the Hair Treats Knots out detangling brush. I love this brush because of its unique shape that makes it very comfortable to grip.  It also detangles the hair well to get out any possible knots without causing much breakage. Detangling your hair before you begin to style it is so important!

HT KNOTS OUT Detangling Brush

2.Smoothing creme

So after detangling the hair, I decided to use a smoothing cream to make Jane's hair more manageable and frizz-free. I put a dime sized amount of the Style ID smoothing lotion in the palm of my hand and used it into the mid and ends of her hair. This formula contains chamomile, vitamins and vegetable proteins to help reconstruct hair and leave it feeling smoother and shinier than before.


3.Two french braids

Now that our hair is prepped, let's get on to the actual style! To start off this look, I french braided both sides of Janes head starting the hairline and going all the way down. Try to make your braids as tight as possible, because we'll be pulling and loosening up the braids later on.

4. Twisted bun

Now that you have two braids, you'll need to twist those braids together to make a low bun at the back of your head. Depending on the amount of hair you have, you might want to fluff out these braids to give the hair more volume. Once your happy with the shape of the bun. use some bobby pins to hold everything in place.

5. Perfume

One of my favorite products is the Hair Treats Protect perfume. This stuff seriously smells amazing and is great for your hair. It helps to protect your hair from UV damage, pollution and color fading, while also providing your hair with hydration. With ingredients such as sunflower seed extract and olive leaf extract, this spray delivers tones of nutrients.


6. Hair fibers

So this last step is not necessary, however it does make a difference. The product I use is called Hair Treats Hair Building Fibers, which essentially helps to fill any sparse areas to make the hair look fuller. It's available in multiple colors, however on Jane's darker brown hair I actually used the shade "black."

Ht Hair Building Fibers

These hair fibers immediately build the hair with natural plant protein fibre which produce a noticeable difference of  a fuller, thicker head of hair in just seconds. As you can see in the "after" shot below, I covered the the areas near Jane's hairline to give her the appearance of more hair. It looks extremely natural, but really helps to cover any empty spots you get when tying back your hair. 

And there you go, a quick, easy and super cute hairstyle you can try out! It's perfect for work, school, hanging out with friends or even a date night. I just love how delicate and romantic this style is. If you recreate this style, make sure to tag us so that we can see your creations!