Beanies, fedoras, baseball caps, oh my!

Autumn kicks off hat wearing season. Although hats can be the perfect accessory for any Fall outfit, hat hair is definitely not cute. No one wants to remove their hat to uncover major static or a hair indent where the hat once was.

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Hat hair stems from 2 major factors, the first being the actual hat, and secondly the static. The hat molds the hair, and the static is a result of dehydrated hair from the cooler air. But don't worry, today we'll be sharing tips so that you can continue rocking your hats without getting the dreaded hat hair.

1. Style

First things first, hair style! When wearing a hat, it's important to think about how you're going to style your hair to avoid getting any weird dents. For example, if you choose to wear a tighter fitting hat like a fedora, styling your hair with waves would be best so that the hat line blends into the waves. With looser hats such as beanies, you could go for a low ponytail or even a braid.

2. Dry hair only!

Wearing a hat when your hair is wet or still damp is a big no!  When you let your hair dry while hat wearing, it will cause your hair to set in an awkward position. Depending on the size and shape of your hat, you will end up with a dent that runs along the circumference of your head. Wet hair is also more prone to breaking and frizz, which you obviously don't want.

3. Sprays

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Using a spray that is specific for anti-static and anti-frizz is also a must. Before even putting on your hat, spritz a bit of Rusk's Anti Frizz Spray to keep the flyaway hairs away. This formula is waterproof and humidity resistant for unpredictable weather.

Rusk Anti Frizz Spray - 50ml X

Another alternative is to keep anti-static sheets in your bag to smooth over hair. If you don't have any of these types of specific sheets at home, you can actually use dryer sheets on your hair. These fabric softening sheets will leave your hair smelling good and reduce the amount of static on your head.

4. Moisturize

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Another way to reduce hat hair from the added static is to keep your hair hydrated. When hair is too dry and brittle, it is more static-prone. To fix this problem, use hydrating and moisturizing products such as the LAKME K.Therapy BioArgan Hydrating Pack. This moisturizing set comes equipped with a moisturizing shampoo, hair mask and argan oil to keep your hair hydrated. Hair masks are a great way to add moisture and repair hair long term when applied to damp hair. Argan oil on the other hand is perfect to use on dry hair to provide extra moisture instantly and reduce static. 

LAKME K.Therapy BioArgan Hydrating Pack

To further keep your hair moisturized, condition more often. Although we all know that shampooing too often isn't good for our scalp, keeping the ends of your hair hydrated is important. Therefore, even on days when you don't shampoo, use a bit of conditioner on the ends of your hair in the shower. KeraStraight's Moisture Enhance Conditioner is perfect for this job! It helps repair damaged and dry hair as it is fortified with moisturizers, proteins and pro-vitamin B5. So if you want tangle free, shiny and frizz-free hair try this conditioner!

KeraStraight Moisture Enhance Conditioner

5. Limit the use of hot tools

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Not only does heat damage your hair, but it also dries it out quicker. Therefore, as mentioned before, drier hair means more static. Try reducing the amount of times you use heat on your hair, or prep your hair with a moisturizing style creme or treatment beforehand.

The Hair Treats Prep Leave-In Spray is the ideal primer as it preps hair for other styling products and heat. It also contains Honey-derived humectants to moisturize hair, as well as vitamin E & C antioxidants to protect from damage. So if you really need to use a a flatiron or curler, use a spray before to lock in moisture!

Ht Prep Leave-In Spray

We hope that you can now confidently remove your hat without worrying about what static disaster lies underneath. So make the most of this cooler season and wear as many types of hats as you want! 

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