If your hairstyling routine involves using a whole lot of different hot tools, you absolutely need to add a heat protectant product to keep your hair from scorching under the unforgiving heat most of these tools give off to perform. Not using one can lead to hair damage, breakage, split ends and dry, lacklustre hair. Lovely!

What’s more, heat protectants should be used at all times by people who lighten their hair, since the bleach has already altered the cuticle and potentially weakened the hair strand. Sad, but true. But help is here.

The Secret Is in the Moisturizing Action

First, they’re super effective and are designed to shield your hair from the damage potentially inflicted by heat. Bonus: they can also help tame unruly locks and avoid the dreaded frizz, while adding shine and sealing out humidity. In a nutshell, mostly everything you need to love your tresses!

Typically, hair heat protectors are available in a variety of formulas, from sprays to creams, to oils, to serums. Choose the one you’re most comfortable working with, and the one that is the most suited to your hair type. Example: if your tresses are super dry, a cream will be better for you. Thin hair? Go for the serum.

The heat protection ingredients usually form a shield to prevent damage. But you can also look out for comforting aloe and super moisturizing argan oil that will help seal the cuticle and keep the hair from overheating and drying. A good choice: L’Anza Healing Style Thermal Defence, that provides maximum thermal protection and prevents heat damage with a strong, flexible hold and lasting support.

How and When to Use

After you shampoo and condition, and before blow-drying, apply the heat protectant while avoiding the scalp. If you’re using the spray variety, hold the bottle about seven inches away from hair. For thicker hair don’t hesitate to spray again, making sure every layer is well covered in product.

Although heat protectants are designed to seal-in moisture and emollients in your hair, they do not completely insulate it from extreme heat. So, if you have damage you will want to regularly supplement your hair beauty routine with a nourishing and regenerating mask.

But to optimize hot tools, you’re good to go!